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10 Films to Watch When You’re Angry

Angry Movies - Poster Mother of Movies

Are you annoyed at the world or simply had a bad day? Watch any one of these ten movies about life and release the tension inside you through your eyeballs. Here are 10 angry movies where people are angry so you can applaud them when they finish doing their thing.


Some of these movie characters are just angry people, and others are revenge stories that will make you feel like at least D-Fens in Falling Down is having a worse day than you. Don’t hold it in, let it out… while watching a movie.

Horror – The Belko Experiment

Do You Like to Think About Life When You Watch A Movie?

Is your job getting you down? This horror and thriller film doesn’t hold back when it comes to locking in eighty corporate office employees and starting a social experiment on them. Kill or be killed is the name of the game, and a voice over the intercom at Belko Industries sets the rules. The threat of large casualties unless they follow the order to assassinate each other within a designated time frame looms at all times.

With no holds barred blood spatter, slice and dice plus all kinds of implosions and explosions, this movie might make you feel a whole lot better about office politics. At least no one has locked you all inside a large highrise and set up teams where the only way out is to avoid being murdered.

The Belko Experiment is streaming on Stan in Australia and VOD in the USA or utilize this handy anger control card game and learn how to manage your anger.

Dry Comedy Horror – He Never Died and She Never Died

She Never Died and He Never Died
She Never Died and He Never Died. Full review on Mother of Movies. Blood in the Snow Festival and Alternate Ending Studios.

These two movies go hand in hand if you’re looking for a story to follow where angry meets immortal. Jack (played by Henry Rollins’) leads the first story. He’s been banished to Earth and cursed with the task of eating people to satiate the crazy. Lacey features in the follow-up sister sequel and has much the same problem. Two films with connective universes and both with characters that are forced to find a way to live.

Why should you watch these films if you’re a tad cranky? Easy, both Jack and Lacey have agendas that are figuring out the best people to kill. Both discover that finding assholes and people who deserve to be dead isn’t the easiest job in the world.

He Never Died is on Netflix and She Never Died can be located to watch by checking JustWatch.com in your local city.

Movies that make you think about life - Mom and Dad 2017
Angry Movies – Mom and Dad 2017

Twisted Comedy Horror – Mom and Dad

This film is quite a divisive one. Not only that but not everyone is a fan. I am though and I never take my horror movies or fantastical stories to heart. An exploitation film isn’t for everyone but this one might tickle some sort of tongue in cheek funny bone you have. A mass hysteria viral pandemic sweeps the nation and causes parents to turn on their own offspring. If you love a bit of Cage Rage ( as Brent) teamed with Selma Blair (as Kendall) then it’s possible you’ll love the way these two match up as much as I did.

Mom and Dad is on Stan in Australia and Hulu in the USA

Sports Comedy – Happy Gilmore

It’s possible in your time of angst, you’ll have forgotten how great this film is. If you find yourself thinking about how you’re simply crap at everything and have only mild flashes of talent, then reconnect with Happy Gilmore.

If you’ve forgotten, Happy is a one-trick pony ice hockey player. When he finally gives up and gets dumped by his girlfriend, he embarks on some bad behavior. Of course, his continued angry facade eventually gets rewarded and he finds himself on the Pro Golf Tour and eventually meeting an ally who wants to fix him.

Overall, the story will remind you that bad manners and a bad attitude often don’t reflect the person you really are. Sometimes there are worse people out there. Circumstances can dictate how the world sees you but even if you’re a jerk, chances are someone will still love you. Ultimately though, this one is a movie where the underdog gets his big payday and the film and story might just make you feel better about being an idiot. After all, Happy is a bigger idiot than you’ll ever be.

Action Horror – Mayhem

Another great film to watch when you’re angry is Mayhem. Especially if you like your horror movies infused with action and a slight dose of viral comedy. For fans of Steven Yuen and Samara Weaving, Mayhem is a fantastic film. In fact, this made my number one spot for the movie of the year in 2017. The Red Eye virus infects an office building, not just any virus either. This one promises to infect your neural pathways and remove all your morals. So you can be a jerk and not care! Everyone who gets infected by this very vicious disease will act out their deepest, darkest fantasies. So lock up your staplers and remember whether you wanted to have sex with or murder the office tech downstairs before they remember first.

With the building in lockdown, while the virus is slowly but surely killed off, it’s a dog eat dog world. You may never look at human resources or the office paper nazi the same way again.

Mayhem is on Hoopla, Shudder, and Amazon in the USA. – See the full review for this movie here.

Sci-Fi Action Horror – Upgrade

One of the coolest movies for revenge to come out of recent years is Upgrade. If you’re trying to feel better about having been wronged, start with this one. Part A.I body horror and part total kick-ass action flick, Upgrade will show you just how much damage you can do with your eyes literally closed. A revenge film with a difference.

Upgrade is on HBO in the USA and Foxtel in Australia.

Crime Drama – Falling Down. One of the Best Movies About Life

One of the greatest movies that make you think about life ever made is Falling Down. A film that calls out the unfairness around us in everyday life and one of the biggest snowball narratives I’ve ever seen. Add to that a massive dose of Michael Douglas being a complete psycho and you get a grueling story about society at its worst and what happens if you wake up one day and decide you’ve had enough.

Falling Down is on VOD in Australia and Vudu in the USA.

Movies with angry people

Changing Lanes 2002 poster
Changing Lanes starring Ben Affleck and Samuel L Jackson.

Movies That Make You Think About Life – And The Angry People In It

Drama Thriller – Changing Lanes

Do you find yourself stuck in a pickle most days? Do you daydream about that confrontation you think you need? Well, Changing Lanes is a lesser-known thriller about what happens when you let go of that self-control you think doesn’t matter and indulge in a little road rage. Apart from many instances of this ending up on the news every week, this story involves a lawyer and a businessman. The flow-on effect of both men proceeding to even the score after their small traffic bingle has a massive effect on not only their lives but those around them. This film is sure to make you feel better about letting that idiot cut you off in traffic and simply continuing on with your life.

Movies that make you think about life are imperatative to add to your watch list.

Angry people in film - Old Boy 2003
Old Boy 2003 – Movies about life and angry people

World Cinema Action Drama – Old Boy Movies About Life

I would be remiss to not have this in a list of films to watch if you’re angry. Old Boy definitely encompasses seeing angry people in movies.

  1. If you are feeling uninspired with cinema, the visual mastery of this movie will help you realize that the tiniest of details mean the most to cinephiles.
  2. If you are looking for a revenge film; this one promises that and more. It will not only cause you to think about motives but contemplate whether really knowing the truth is essential to happiness.

Oh Dae-su is kidnapped and put in a cell for fifteen years. Then he simply let free. Not knowing who or why he is placed on a quest to find the people responsible for keeping him captive. Old Boy has plenty of gore and insidious themes, so don’t be fooled by the drama label.

Old Boy is available to stream in the USA. (On Fandor, Shudder, and Vudu) and Kanopy in Australia.