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A New Gory Scene Shown at Comic-Con, The Boys Series Info & Goss Season 2 + Trailer

The Boys Season 2 poster

I love the rise of evil supervillains and The Boys TV show was one of my favorite series to come out of 2019. If you didn’t catch The Boys season 2 release date announcement, check out the video below. Hosted by Patton Oswalt, The Boys F***in’ Reunited features all the cast, characters, series news, and special secret information about the 2nd season. The video runs for 52-minutes, so settle in and enjoy it or read on as I cover what the video included. Mother of Movies has also added the newest Amazon Prime Video exclusive extended trailer right at the end.

July 24th saw the cast at Comic-Con and the following clip features a new gory scene with The Deep and a whale! Check it out. Mother of Movies has gone ahead and cued it up for you from the 6-minute mark. You’re welcome.

New Gory Scene for The Boys Season 2

The Boys F***Kin’ Reunited

The Boys F***in’ Reunited – Season 2 release date and special event video

How Many Episodes For The Boys Series Season 2?

Those that loved the series will be pleased to know that a whole 3 episodes will come at you on the return date of September 4th, 2020. Season 2 will then drop 5 episodes one week at a time. I’m so excited for The Boys series season 2 release date I just had to rewatch the entire thing so I’m ready for the carnage.

Season 2 The Boys New Characters and Secrets Revealed

In the recent online cast reunion, Patton Oswalt introduces the cast of The Boys series by first dividing the group into Supes and Boys. They are issued with shot glasses and blue vodka and commence a drinking game while doing a recap of season 1, 30-seconds at a time. The questions they were asked were taken from fans on Twitter.

Frenchie & The Female

Frenchie and The Female were mentioned as being an exciting new story arc for season 2 of The Boys when Tomar Capon was quizzed by Oswalt. It was brief though and he didn’t allude to too much.

Mothers Milk

Mothers Milk (Laz Alonso) explained that in season 2, his character will no longer be making fun of Hughie. Read into that what you may.

The cast was asked to give a one-word answer that was either emotion or a surprise describing season 2

  • Butcher: Anguish.
  • The Female: What?
  • Hughie: Damp.
  • Mothers Milk: Chunks.
  • Frenchie: B*tch.

The Boys Homelander

When quizzed about his character in season 2, Anthony Starr explained that the fallout will begin. As Homelander in The Boys series, all of his previous glaringly bad choices will result in some personal reflection. Homelander has to deal with the results of his new independance.


At the end of season 1, Starlight discovers how she came to be a superhero. Her main superhero psyche to save the world is as prevalent as ever, but now her journey to discover what this means for her will begin. Erin Moriarty said viewers will see a side of Starlight they haven’t seen before. She alluded to the fact that Starlight’s fans will be happy with some of the things she does.


Appeared at the 37-minute mark of the reunion video. Aya Cash was shown to be wearing a black and purple suit with a cape in some photos as she introduced herself. Stormfront will be added as a new villain to the Seven and said “she is on par if not worse than Homelander.” A clip from Season 2 shows Stormfront as she watches Maeve and Homelander filming some advertising while she does a live feed from her mobile device. Stormfront is an internet influencer and comes complete with her own self-made fame. After flinging a couple of insults at Homelander she tells the two she is the new replacement for Translucent.

Two Truths & a Lie About Stormfront

  • Stormfront takes very good care of her skin.
  • One of her superpowers is mindreading.
  • She is 5 foot 2 inches tall.

The Boys series Season 2 return date
The Boys Season 2 characters. Watch Season 1 now and relive the characters you love, like Homelander.

Who’s Your Favorite Supe Character In The Boys Series?


Billy Butcher: Appears at the beginning of Season 1 and is played by Karl Urban. Arguable my personal favorite The Boys character. Not only does Billy have a way with words, and a certain sexy charm he gets some of the best dialogue in the show. Formerly a C.I.A. agent, he’s now got a bone to pick with the superheroes who are treated like rockstars. But who does Butcher hate the most? He thinks that Homelander killed his wife, Becca, so if he had to pick anyone to kill first, it would be him.


Annie aka January aka Starlight: Once a fan of the Supes, Starlight was enlisted into the Seven to replace Lamplighter. It’s through Starlight that fans of the series learn that The Deep isn’t the kind and placid animal lover he makes out he is. All her good deeds and all her beliefs are slowly washed away as she learns the truth about her highly regarded peers. Her powers consist of the ability to fly, superhuman strength, and resilience and emit powerful energy from her hands. She can also absorb electricity to strengthen her powers and can make her eyes and hands glow if under stress or by making it happen. Plus she knows Taekwondo.

The Boys Homelander

Homelander aka John: Played by Antony Starr, this Superman wannabe is the biggest and baddest of the Seven, working for Vought International. He has a very nasty streak brought to the surface by the many betrayals he’s been on the receiving end of. With the ability to fly he can also utilize his sonic scream, super hearing, and strength. With particular ease and a penchant for destroying anything he wants. He also has laser eyes and x-ray vision. Homelander is definitely the most complex Supe of the bunch with plenty of secrets. For a full list of the storylines spoilers from season 1 about Homelander, check out the Fandom website.

Queen Maeve

Queen Maeve: Played by Dominique McElligott, Maeve would have to be my second favorite character in the show. Because her backstory is so engaging she makes for a really interesting member of the Seven. With this in mind, she can fight with superhuman strength, fly and resist most things that might kill her. Maeve is also super fast, can last a super long time, and has the coordination and accuracy of a Wonder Woman.

The Boys Series Dark Horse Black Noir

Black Noir: A suped-up Batman who doesn’t talk and never shows his face. Black Noir is not a character that is delved into much in Season 1 of The Boys but the more we learn about him, it’s safe to say he’s the guy to look out for. Among his skills are enhanced use of daggers, knows more than one form of martial arts, and can fly a plane. He has increased agility, hearing, strength, and was the only one to withstand an attack from The Female.


A-Train: Played by Jessie T. Usher A-Train is undeniably the fastest f***ing man alive. His appearance was so awesome, I almost fall off my chair. An athlete explicitly at heart A-Train abuses compound V to make sure he retains his number one status. Equally important is his superhuman speed while still seeing the world around him as clear as he would if he were standing still. His increased stamina means he needs a massive amount of calories. He can heal himself, has increased strength, and thus can withstand quite a bit of punishment.

The Deep The Boys Series Fish-Man

The Deep aka Kevin: Chace Crawford’s The Deep portrayal is my favorite role over anything this actor is known for. Especially given the comedy element some of his antics bring his fish-man character was one of the highlights of the series for me. To clarify, he’s responsible for some pretty disgusting behavior but there is a certain amount of sadness underneath his human exterior. Also known as Lord of the Seven Seas, he has super strength but his ability to withstand being hurt is weakened by the fact he has gills. Without a doubt, he can communicate with aquatic animals and, swim pretty well too. And that dolphin scene, like what TF?


Translucent: Less invisible and more… well, semi-transparent, Translucent is played by Alex Hassell. He has diamondized skin that forms an invisibility cloak if he’s naked at the time. By the same token, like a crustacean, Translucent is hard on the outside but soft on the inside. He’s still pretty durable, stealthy, and strong. One of the most memorable kill scenes I have ever seen, The Boys series certainly knows how to bring the spatter.

The Female is Part of The Boys Crew

The Female aka Kimko: The Female is not a member of the Seven but is another Supe I have grown to love. Her character is played by Karen Fukuhara. Basically, The Females’ transition into being someone with superpowers was accidental rather than experimental after she fell into a container filled with Compound V. She has all the known super abilities like agility, speed, strength, reflexes, and healing but has the desire to kill with particular brutality that needs to be seen to be believed. The Female can’t talk but can be taken down with sedatives.

The Boys Season 2 Teaser Trailer

Teaser Trailer Season 2 The Boys TV Show

Season 2 First 3-Minutes Of The Boys Series

Season 2 First 3-Minutes Of The Boys Series Amazon Prime Video Trailer.

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The Boys Series Season 1 Cast

Another key point is The Boys series season 1 boasted a kick-ass cast. It included; Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Antony Starr, Erin Moriarty, Dominique McElligott, Jessie T. Usher, Laz Alonso, Chace Crawford, Tomer Capon, and Karen Fukuhara. Further, the original first episode kicked off on Amazon in July 2019.

I give The Boys

5 never meet your heroes out of 5

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Season 1 The Boys Series VS the Comic Book

Additionally, in case you missed it, The Boys series TV show is a comic book adaptation. Written by Darick Robertson and illustrated by Grath Ennis the comic was published first with DC Comics. Now issues are brought to you by Dynamite Entertainment.

The Boys series Comic book Issue 1
The Boys series Comic book Issue 1. Pictures courtesy of theboys-comic.com website