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“Creepshow” Holiday Christmas Special Has Werewolves & Killer Santas

Creepshow Holiday Poster 2020 on Shudder

What else could you possibly want at Christmas time than an hour-long episode of Creepshow? Shudder is hosting a very special horror holiday Creepshow episode to get you into the festive spirit. This ho-ho-horrific episode will make you want to stay at home to watch a movie instead. Grab some brandy eggnog and settle in for Shapeshifters Anonymous on Shudder on December 18th, 2020.


For those wanting a taste of this blood-filled Christmas tale, check out the full trailer below and mark your calendars. Shapeshifters Anonymous is based on a short story from J. A Konrath and lovingly crafted to its present form by showrunner Greg Nicotero. Mother of Movies was able to secure a preview of this Yuletide slaughter-fest and I can tell you if you like your Santas to line up for a massacre, and for the existence of werewolves, were-cheetahs, and were-boars to exist then this is the episode for you.

Happy Horror-Days

Starring Anna Camp from, you guessed it, Pitch Perfect and Iron Man 3’s Adam Pally. While Camp doesn’t sing she does growl and, hiss as a were-cheetah while making eyes at Pally’s enviable werewolf. The story begins with Weston as he makes his way to an exclusive support group after doctors prescribe a psychiatrist over getting to the root of his bizarre symptoms. As each exchange stories, advice, and plenty of Kum-Bah-Ya inclusion the meat of the story is presented in a whiplash-like fashion. Just as you might be about to give up on the story for lack of interest and menace the introduction to who volunteer Santas really are brings the hard-earned goodies.

Shapeshifter Anonymous follows the traditional look and feel of the new Creepshow series and is a fun watch. It never fully breaks out the darker side it so desperately needs but has plenty of laughs. Performances and costuming are where it excels with lots of transitions for the group of lycanthropes that not only include other animals besides wolves into its world but creates a universe where Santa is always watching. But not for the reason you think.

Creepshow starring Anna Camp and Adam Pally in Shapeshifters Anonymous
Frank Nicotero as Andy, Derek Russo as Ryan, Candy McLellan as Phyllis, Pete Burris as Scott, Anna Camp as Irena, Adam Pally as Weston – Creepshow Season 2, Episode 1 Courtesy of Tina Rowden & Shudder

Creepshow Horror Holiday Special Episodes

3 stars out of 5
3 Skulls out of 5

Full Shapeshifters Anonymous Trailer 2020

Creepshow Christmas special episode trailer
Creepshow Shapeshifters Anonymous Holiday Special
Adam Pally as Weston, Anna Camp as Irena – Creepshow. Season 2, Episode 1 Courtesy of Tina Rowden/Shudder