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Final Girls Berlin Film Festival 2021 Trailer + Dates

Final Girls Berlin Film Festival 2021 LINEUP

Kicking off 2021 is Final Girls Berlin Film Festival. This year there will be two separate events. Firstly, a virtual segment running from the 4th to the 7th of February. Afterwards, the second will be an in-person event held in the City Kino Wedding, at Halloween from the 28th to the 31st of October. 2021 marks the 6th edition of the esteemed premier showcase for horror films. More importantly, the included lineup is solely directed by women and non-binary filmmakers.


Accordingly, the feature films will be geo-locked to Germany (unless you have a VPN.) On the other hand, short film blocks and all non-film programming can be watched by anyone. To repeat, no matter where you are in the world film festival content will be available to you!

With attention to non-film progrmaming, you can look forward to:

Available Worldwide, Free Programming Events at FGBFF

  • HORROR SCREENPLAY WRITING. How to start and create a horror screenplay. Imagine up your characters and plot structure with this workshop. Hosted by Alison Peirse.
  • Hosted by Alexander Heller-Nicholas. A discussion on RETHINKING WOMEN’S HORROR.
  • An exploration of CULTS IN HORROR VS CULTS IN REAL LIFE. A discussion and Q&A seminar with Susie Kahlich. Kahlich is a religious and cult studies expert who runs Pretty Deadly Self Defense.
  • Girls Gone Wild is hosted by Dr. Kate Robinson. She will cover sexuality, autonomy, and resistance of young women in horror films. Dr. Robinson wants to talk about stereotypes in genre cinema.
  • THE NECRONOMOLOGUE: A podcast from The Gaylords of Darkness. This podcast wants to talk about films like Jennifer’s Body, The Witch, and Alucarda that all feature witchcraft and possession to break oppression stereotypes.
  • A podcast from I Spit on Your Podcast presents SATANIC FEMINISM: EMBRACING THE DARKNESS. Is about different ways, Satan is represented as a tool of empowerment for women.
  • Podcaster Girls, Guts, and Giallo host Annie Rose Malamet has a lecture called HER HUNGER: THE LESBIAN VAMPIRE AND QUEER IMMORTALITY, SUICIDALITY, AND CODEPENDENCY. This podcast traces the history of lesbian vampires in film.

Short Film Blocks. All Available Worldwide

Mother of Movies Picks of the Litter

  • Cyber Horror: Look out for SPYGLASS, a 9-minute mystery short film from Chirs Hunt.
  • An Eye for An Eye: Director Kelsey Bollig of the French horror short film THE FOURTH WALL.
  • Busting a Gut, Comedy Horror: MELTED is an animated short film from newcomer Nikki Chapman.
  • Young Blood: FISH WHISKERS comes from director Roney. Additionally, don’t miss BAKEMOTO.
  • Isolation Horror: Canadian director Michèle Kaye presents the drama short film A DINNER PARTY.

Best of the Best Horror Film from Women and Non-Binary Filmmakers. Final Girls Berline Film Festival 2021 Official Fest Trailer

Final Girls Berlin Film Festival 2021 MOVIE LINEUP

Film review 12 Hour Shift 2020
A scene from 12 HOUR SHIFT, a Magnet release. © Matt Glass. Photo courtesy of Magnet Releasing.

12 Hour Shift

Still on the festival circuit, 12 Hour Shift stars the wonderful Angela Bettis as a nurse called Mandy. She’s having a bad day made worse by the fact the double shift she is doing decends in chaos.

Mother of Movies reviewed 12 Hour Shift for a few film festivals in 2020 and the trailer and more information can be found here. Also starring David Arquette and Chloe Farnworth. Written and directed by Brea Grant. The Final Girls Berlin Film Festival 2021 gives this fast-paced horror movie a German premiere.

The Stylist

Directed by Jill Gevargizian, The Stylist stars Najarra Townsend and Brea Grant. A story about obsession and dreams, Claire wants to be someone else. Mother of Movies remembers a short film of the same name and it’s seemingly been made into a feature film. This is good news folks because the short film was intensely grisly and the full-length effort has been received well after the screening at Fantastic Fest in 2020.

Check out the short film of The Stylist from Alter

Alter, free on YouTube, The Stylist is a short film from Jill Gevargizian


Italian director Emanuela Rosi’s BUIO locks sisters in a house together. Stella is 17. She and her sisters Luce and Aria must stay locked inside their house as an apocalypse wages war on humanity outside. Only their father is allowed outside. Starring Denise Tantucci, Valerio Binasco, Gaia Bocci and, Olimpia Tosatto.


BUIO (DARKNESS) Trailer, german premiere at Final Girls Berlin Film Festical 2021


  • Starring Lali González, María Soldi and, Alberto Ajaka
  • Directed by Argentian Laura Casabé.

Set in South America, the Guarani tribe has been extinguished or kept as slaves. The story follows Julia who has been cursed with dead babies. She enlists the help of her indigenous maid, Kerana to bring her third child back to life.


German director Sabrina Mertens directs a historical horror film about a girl called Stephanie. Starring Zelda Espenschied and, Miriam Schiweck the film is set in West Germany in the 1970s and gives a portrait view of Stephanie’s life with her family. The young girl’s isolation turns to macabre obsessions as she tries to grasp the lot in life she is dealt with.

TIME OF MOULTING Trailer for the premiere at Final Girls Berline Film Festival 2021

TIME OF MOULTING Trailer for the premiere at Final Girls Berline Film Festival 2021

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