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All That We Destroy Review, Mothers Day Horror

Director Chelsea Stardust Writers Sean Keller | Jim Agnew

Movies about mothers is a fantastic setting for a horror movie. All That We Destroy, on Hulu’s Into the Dark anthology series, decided to give the viewers a science fiction Frankenstein type story warped via a killer instead of a monster. This episode stars Samatha Mathis, Aurora Perrineau, and Israel Broussard to give you a taste of ‘what if?’

“What if I wanted to make you stop doing something and had all the science to do it?”

Quote from All That We Destroy (Into the Dark anthology series.)

What if your son was someone who simply couldn’t refrain from killing things? And what if you just happened to be a superstar geneticist with ample access to all sorts of technology?

Well, in All That We Destroy on Hulu, Dr. Victoria Harris thought of a plan. She hoped would stem those pesky urges. If you like your films to have their edges slowly dipped into a Black Mirror- like-pool of science fiction then this might be your favorite story yet.

All That We Destroy Movie Review

I’m not going to spoil the All That We Destroy episode here. This Hulu horror anthology episode for Mothers Day is one that many viewers thought highly of. My problems are mainly with mommy’s thought process. With such an interesting premise I had my expectations set a little high and furthermore, I know this is a work of fiction. I know that the enabling process is part of the fuel for the story. But maybe I just wanted the point to be more about constructively helping her son rather than blindly encouraging him to be a killer. She’s a doctor after all.

But Did She Cure Him?

Perhaps I just see her plan as flawed, I mean, I have a three-year-old and while he’s certainly no psychopath, I can assure you Dr. Victoria’s logic seems off for me. I sometimes call my tiny human ‘the destroyer’ which is what made me able to put myself in Harris’s shoes for a second. I’ll tell you something though, when he breaks stuff, it goes in the bin. I make him watch me do it. I’d also never let him toddle off with things that are expensive, but that’s just me.

The Dr. and mom is also a career woman who’s on the verge of cutting edge technology. She’s about to release a cloned sample that’s better than anything the world has ever seen. Her company is waiting with bated breath to see the outcome of all her experiments. She’s succeeded at levels she never thought possible. Instead, she’s just providing to her son’s incessant needs. She’s in too deep to throw in the towel now though, plus they say love is blind and forgiveness is the key to stuff.

Aurora Perrineau as Ashley in All That We Destroy
Aurora Perrineau as Ashley in All That We Destroy
Israel Broussard as Spencer in Into the Dark's All That We Destroy
Israel Broussard as Spencer. All That We Destory on Hulu. Review for Mother of Movies.

Spencer Chucks a Tanty (Tantrum)

But wait, her son Spencer is un-thrilled with the new version of the girl he killed recently. The new Ashley doesn’t have that same ‘spark, she can’t even remember her favorite song.’ Spencer’s not happy with his new toy, he’s not happy at all.

Shortly after, while out and about, Spencer runs into a lovely young lass. She just so happens to live next door, and of course, Spencer likey. Given the story so far, I would rather think that mom would be less than generous with affording the kid freedoms to do as he pleases. But again, mom puts her best parenting hat on and tells him it would be naughty to talk to Marissa. She’s also very busy at the moment trying to fix the perfect Ashley up for his approval.

I wasn’t scared of what Spencer might do or how far Dr. Victoria would go? She’s an enabler, the purest form of one too. Instead, I was invested in the story of the clone Ashley. Everything else took a back seat to Ashley being reborn over and over. If the moral of the story is don’t give your spoiled sociopathic kid everything they want or they’ll never learn, they nailed it.

But the whole system reminded me of the adage, ‘insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’ Maybe that’s the point of it all. I guess humans are exceptionally prone to that particular mindset and here the clone was the smartest of them all in the end.

I give All That We Destroy

3 enablers out of 5

3 stars out of 5
3 Skulls out of 5

All That We Destroy Hulu Directors and Writers

  • Directed by Chelsea Stardust. She made her feature film directorial debut at the helm of Satanic Panic at the Overlook film festival in 2019.
  • Written by Sean Keller and, Jim Agnew who both wrote
    (Rage 2014) together starring Nicholas Cage.

Into the Dark: All That We Destroy (Hulu)

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