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Into the Dark Trailer & Review: School Spirit

It’s the eleventh episode for Into the Darks’ horror movies on Hulu. I’m coming at you with August’s review and trailer for School Spirit. August celebrates School Spirit Day and as a slasher fan, I was looking forward to director Mike Gans pom-pom induced whodunnit. The story was penned by writers Patrick Casey and Josh Miller who are part of the team bringing 2020’s Sonic the Hedgehog. But what channel is Hulu even on? And how many episodes can you watch? Read on to find out and then follow on for the review of this episode.

How many episodes of Into the Dark are there?

As of 2020 there are 2 seasons of Hulu’s Into the Dark. If you’re a fan of the series, you’ll be pleased to know that Into the Dark has just gone ahead and scheduled nine more tv show installments for the series. This means there will be 24 awesome horror-themed movie installments all up.

What Channel is Into the Dark On?

In case you didn’t know, the horror anthology series is on Hulu. For those outside the USA, you might find it difficult to get your hands on this series. Unless of course you get yourself a VPN and sign up.

Annie Q. stars as Erica in School Spirit
Annie Q. stars as Erica in School Spirit

Corey Fogelmanis & Flesh & Blood episodes Diana Silvers both starred in 2019’s MA. A fantastic horror film with Octavia Spencer.

Did you get around to seeing New Year, New You from the series? With a great cast, how can a horror movie about social media and New Year’s Eve be wrong?

Maybe you’re looking for something to watch with your teen? Riot Girls is a teen angst sci-fi apocalypse movie.

Are you keen on horror movies with cannibals and immortals? She Never Died and He Never Died, two movies you should make time for.

Annie Q, Corey Fogelmanis, Jessi Case, Julian Works, Hugo Armstrong and Philip Labes— Hulu horror.
A whodunnit with 5 people. School Spirit Into the Dark. Watch the trailer from Hulu’s Into the Dark School Spirit episode.

Horror Movies on Hulu

Opening scenes for this episode begin in a school. Two teens are installing a camera on the roof of the locker room. A great introduction to a slasher movie if you ask me. When both are murdered by an unseen figure, we’re then transported to a different day and time somewhere in the not too distant following days.

The trailer for this month’s Into the Dark story tells of how the legend of the spirit; a teacher who had a heart attack as the result of a prank. Now she haunts the hallways looking to take revenge on bad kids. There is more tension in the preview as the building creaks and moans than in the whole of the rest of its scenes.

Between talk of the urban legend that roams the hallways and kills of hapless students and a modern-day Breakfast Club detention group, I found most of the characters unbearably unlikeable. Due to the casting choice of one main star and the rest almost unknowns, I immediately guessed who the culprit behind the slow murder of this small group; one-by-one was.

Corey Fogelmanis is Brett for Into the Dark's School Spirit episode. Horror movies on Hulu.
Corey Fogelmanis is Brett for Into the Dark’s School Spirit episode.

Urban Legends

The murders themselves are something I took issue with the most and blamed for the lack of tension. The school spirit is responsible for being stealthy in his quest for blood. From time to time we see the admiral’s silhouette in the background, a trick I usually enjoy when done well.

The masked killer gag is easily the most common for slasher fare. An elaborate kill is definitely on the slasher fans checklist. Tension, therefore, is a must, in the absence of this. For some unknown reason its as though someone stuffed cotton wool into the sound mic of the boom. Suddenly everything goes quiet as a lone figure drops down through the roof to take out the unassuming victim who only notices and looks up; right as the knife comes down. One dead body remains and the spooky school spirit blends back into the group. Did I mention there are only five?

Aside from the unconvincing games of hide-and-seek, lackluster narrative and predictability in working out who the killer is, the ending was this episode’s biggest strength. It’s a shame the theme of the finale wasn’t expanded to cover up the rest of the run times’ shortfalls.

I give School Spirit

2 never judge a book out of 5

2 skulls out of 5
2 skulls out of 5

Into the Dark Trailer for School Spirit, Find out what channel Hulu is on.

Horror movies on Hulu, Into the Dark trailer for School Spirit What channel is Hulu on?