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Horror-On-Sea Film Festival

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Horror-On-Sea Film Festival 2019 Movies

Films Festivals are the bee’s knees. If I could literally stop what I’m doing and just travel around attending film festivals, I would be in heaven. The line up for this year’s Horror-On-Sea Film Festival’s located in Southend in the UK and looks like it’s going to be a good one.

I’m going to be running some remote cover for this upcoming event from 11th – 20th January 2019, The links to buy tickets are all here and I’ll be glossing over the highlights, premieres and taking you through some trailers. Lastly, I’ll be back with some a few cinematic pearls for a review or two of some classics and some newer films playing on the schedule.

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House Shark movie poster, a horror comedy

House Shark Movie Review

I like to dabble in independent cinema. I think, there are some hidden gems just waiting to be released. There’s a bunch of fellow reviewers that I like to read (in this case I’m looking at you Voices From the Balcony and so began my interest in watching House Shark. I would consider this one of those movies that are bad. And not in a good way.

Ron Bonk is the writer and director of this extremely long microbudget film and now that I’ve seen it, I’m not sure how I can say anything nice in my review. 

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