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Border 2018 Produced by Meta Film Stockholm Distributed by MoviePass Films

Border Movie Review + Explanation Spoiler Section

Border (the movie not the wall) is a Swedish drama-thriller film otherwise known as Gräns. This is one of the most unusual but best love stories you’ll ever see. If you’ve never heard of John Ajvide Lindqvist that’s okay, not too many people have. He just happens to be my very favorite author though and, he wrote the book Let the Right One In, back in 2004. Only four years later, it was adapted into one of my favorite films and then Americanised in 2010.

But why am I talking about this writer? Well, firstly because he is amazing, and, secondly this film released in 2018 and, finally available to stream, was a short story penned by him too. After watching the film, I re-read the short story from his book, Let the Old Dreams Die, and by gosh did the director Ali Abbasi do a spectacular job bringing this thing to life. Although blasphemous, it may actually be a shade better than the original text.

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