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The Treehouse from Blumhouse Television

The Treehouse Movie For International Women’s Day

Episode six of twelve for #horrorallyear from Hulu has reached its midpoint with episode 6. The Treehouse horror movie on Hulu 2019, was written and directed by James Roday famed for Psych (2006.) Jame’s co-writer was Todd Harthan. Those that follow Roday’s work will be excited that he is working on a new film, Psych: The Movie 2 which is sitting in pre-production status.

Starring roles for the treehouse episode are again bountiful and if anything, this series doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to populating its stories with well-known faces. Here we have Jimmi Simpson (who I last saw in Under the Silver Lake (2018) but most will remember him from the Black Mirror episode USS Callister.)

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Into the Dark poster

Hulu Shows Into the Dark ‘Down’ Love, in an Elevator

Directed by Daniel Stamm Down is just one episode in a list of Hulu shows you need to see. This series is all movies and it’s from the anthology series, Into the Dark.

This particular director gets my blood pumping. He’s had his fingers in the pies of 13 Sins (2014), The Scream TV series and The Last Exorcism (2010.) Not that the direction wasn’t solid, but I guess I had some issues with this installment. My first one was with Matt Lauria say whining that he’s invisible. Have you seen him? He wouldn’t be invisible even if he had a bag over his head. The guy has serious-game. So what’s my problem with this one? Was it writer Kent Kubena’s fault?

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New Year New You Poster

Hulu Series Review – New Year New You

Blumhouse Television Hulu series brings a horror story to celebrate your New Years’ Eve with. In this episode of the horror movie anthology, some friends reminisce and get together for a girl’s night in. Not just any girls night though, a reunion of sorts. Did you ever have that one friend that made it big and left everyone behind? Was she nice in the first place?

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Into the Dark Flesh & Blood Poster

Thanksgiving Movie ‘Flesh & Blood’ On Hulu

A Thanksgiving movie from Into the Dark anthology series called Flesh and Blood. If you’re looking for a family-friendly show to put on with your kids while you eat Turkey, this is not the movie for you. Into the Dark horror movie episodes drop once a month for twelve months. They concentrate on holidays and are themed around Christmas and New Year, and School Spirit Week plugging messaging and societal dilemmas as they chug along.

With each episode having more or less a 90 minute or so runtime, it feels less like a series and more like a year-long anthology movie event.

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