Keep Watching 2018

Keep Watching Is A Home Invasion Horror Movie


Home invasion horror movies that will keep you guessing. The movie, Keep Watching is a solid and underrated film in that niche. In addition, it’s Keep Watching is streaming on Netflix.

The premise for this story about a home invasion starts with a killer and he’s on the loose. The crime spree is in the news and people are tuning in. This killer is different, he likes to make a game of it and watches your every move. How can he see you? Who will be next? If it’s a game, how do you win? Keep Watching is a great movie if you like tech horror and Bella Thorne with her clothes on.

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Phoenix Forgotten 2017

Phoenix Forgotten Based On True Events In Arizona


Phoenix Forgotten is a found footage film, about three teenagers vanished after venturing out to Arizona in search of clues that we are not alone. This film is found-footage from a tape recovered by the sister of one of the missing. In 1997 a real phenomenon known as the Phoenix Lights seen by thousands of Arizona. The full movie for Phoenix Forgotten is available to stream and on VOD.

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Escape from Cannibal Farm poster

Escape From Cannibal Farm Review of Indie Movies


Escape From Cannibal Farm is just one of the many indie movies I watch every year. The narration involves a family traveling in a camper van, who’ve decided on a lovely road trip. Of course, even the best intentions can have the worst outcomes. especially if you set up for the night near creepy farms. This film was made to entice lovers of the slasher variety such as The Hills Have Eyes and TCM.

Needing medical attention they wander over to their temporary neighbors. They decline a kind offer of the stabby persuasion and are promptly taken and caged like animals.

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Day of the Dead Bloodline 2018

Day Of The Dead Bloodline. Virus Zombie Movies


I love new zombie movies and virus flicks. Sometimes though they are bad. Day of the Dead: Bloodline is a bad movie with good effects. It’s a reboot movie and not all reboots pack the same punch. Sometimes zombie, especially flesh-eating zombie movies are good. I loved The Rezort (2015), 28 Days Later (2002), 28 Weeks Later (2007) and countless others.

Day of the Dead: was already a solid story. When they decided to reboot this movie (again) there was a bar to come up to and plenty of inspiration from earlier versions. But did they get Day of the Dead: Bloodline right?

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Dylan Minnette in The Open House review

The Open House Movie Netflix Original Review


The Open House Netflix movie begins after the death of Logan’s (Dylan Minnette) father. His mother Naomi (Piercy Dalton) takes up her sister’s offer to stay in the home she is selling. Odd things begin to happen. What’ going on? Is this one of those bad Netflix Original movies? Yes, it is. Strangely The Open House cast was pretty solid, so what happened to the film?

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