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Vienna, a woman is witness to a murder in the neighbor apartment. But she is also seen by the murderer, and her life turns upside down as she tries to protect herself.
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Boar 2018, A Film By Chris Sun. I Went To The Red Carpet Premiere


I was delighted when I saw this was to have a red carpet style event within driving distance. Chris Sun’s hometown is Nambour located in Queensland, Australia.

I scrambled to get tickets which were allocated as VIP. The event included before and after party, signed poster, champagne and most importantly the opportunity to mingle with the cast and crew.

What’s Boar About?

In the harsh, yet beautiful Australian outback lives a beast, an animal of staggering size, with a ruthless, driving need for blood and destruction. It cares for none, defends its territory with brutal force, and kills with a raw, animalistic savagery unlike any have seen before.

The Red Carpet

Prior to the premiere, I obtained a media pass by contacting the right people at the right time. I was beyond excited and rehearsed my questions on the hour’s drive to Nambour. I found myself nestled beside news crew, photographers, and other media clicking photo’s and soaking in the atmosphere.

As the sun went down and many of the extras, crew, friends, ticket holders and family wandered up the red carpet enjoying the limelight. By the time the main film’s stars began to arrive, the crowd and media were a hive of activity. Everyone was waiting for the main event which was John Jarratt arriving in a truck. A competition was held with local residents for the best 4×4 and the chosen car would carry him to the venue.


The Unveiling of the Boar

Did you know a guy drives the Boar? I didn’t. His name is Bud Beckett and I asked him a few questions. Here he is appearing at the premiere.

I’ll be following up this review with some Q&A’s with Simone Buchanan, Chris Sun, Bud Beckett, Griffin Walsh and Damien Duffy. Yes, that’s right, I actually managed to open my mouth this time. And questions, albeit quick were asked.

How Was the Movie?

In the lead up to watching this, I became very aware that many thought this would be a reboot or a remake of Razorback (1984). While Razorback is somewhat of a cult favorite, this is not anything like that.

I never see movies with the masses, I always go at odd times to beat the crowds. This premiere screening sold out so I really got a dose of audience participation and reactions on this occasion. It was fantastic. With the humor infusion of both banter and purposeful Aussie jokes infused effortlessly into a horror film, Boar had not only myself but the entire theatre cracking up laughing.

This is a film that does not take itself seriously. It works. It works so well its technical flaws faded away. Sure there were a few things that annoyed me and I’ll gloss over them quickly. Some of the injuries sustained were somehow walked away from. I’m talking no limp. I won’t spoil anything, but surely those teeth did enough damage to warrant a limp. And of course, I hate it when people call out “who’s there?” and something similar happens in this. 

The acting was fantastic overall though, and I connected with the characters enough to comment on Nathan Jone’s fate in the film before snapping a selfie with him at the after party. It’s rare in films with low budgets (this cost around $3 million) that I struggle to choose a favorite character. In this case, I did. Between Simone Buchanan’s excellence as a mother in anguish to Ken (John Jarratt’s) and Blue (Roger Ward) wandering pissed in the outback, I had a great time with it and took a shine to most of the cast.

But I did pick a favorite and it was Griffin Walsh who plays Bart. I later learned during the Q&A after the film, he is from Nambour and this is his début acting role. He is one to watch and I very much hope someone else offers him another go in another film very soon.

Boar is its own unique story filled with plenty of scenes featuring just enough people get mowed down by the massive beast that is Boar. I could watch Nathan Jones (Bernie) singing Caraoke over and over until I die. That was the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. I’m also a sucker for jump scares, and there were a few crackers in this.

If you want a simple story, filled with some fabulous talent, many of which Australia hasn’t seen for a while, then Boar is going to tick all your boxes.

I give Boar 3.5 Ice Ice Baby’s out of 5

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I have watched a lot of series. I am not sure what the threshold is for a seriesaholic, but if it’s as many as I have seen… then;

“Hi my name is The Mother of Reviews, and I’m a seriesaholic.”

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Terrifier 2018 Review and Everything You Need to Know About Art the Clown

#Terrifier2011 Terrifier Short Film 2011 Poster
The Poster for the Short film Terrifier 2011

I was first introduced to Art the clown watching the short film. Terrifier had just released and was doing the rounds. If you haven’t seen the short film, you can watch it here.

Terrifier (short) which runs for 20 minutes was released in 2011

#The9thCircle2008 The 9th Circle 2008
Written and directed by Damien Leone
The 9th Circle (2008) Short film 11 minutes

I cannot find this short film to rent/buy or stream on any service I have. Could the success of Terrifier have reignited Damien Leone’s goal of turning it into a feature film? Has it been pulled from online viewing? In any case, Art the clown featured in The 9th Circle for about 4 minutes.


#AllHallowsEve2013 All Hallows Eve 2013

All Hallows Eve (2013)

If this is Damien Leone’s first feature film and Terrifier is his second, give this man some money and let him make The 9th CircleAll Hallow’s Eve has some weird Hellraiser-esque moments in it in the form of a rapey devil.

Art shows up in full glory along with some other delightful villains. The original short film for The Terrifier features in full. This movie does contain scenes which give an almost glimpse into Art, where he came from and who his family might be. Although I didn’t see the pumpkin head killer from the sequel in this, he might have just been in another room. Unseen.

All Hallows Eve is a really cool and a crazy movie with a wrap-around story showing a babysitter looking after two kids on Halloween night. Interestingly, parts of the trailer for The 9th Circle is seen on the VHS tape watched in this movie.

I give All Hallows Eve 3.5 have you checked the children’s out of 5.

5 Star Rating System 3 and a half stars

All Hallows Eve 2 2015 #AllHallowsEve22015

All Hallows Eve 2 (2015)

This gets cited as included in the anthology by Damien Leone. It has the same wrap-around story as the first movie showing a woman putting on a VHS tape and watching short films. There are 8 shorts from different directors. Art is not featured in any of the films and neither are any previous characters. But this film uses a pumpkin-faced killer instead of Art. Maybe he is another member of Art’s basement family?

I did read in an interview with Damien Leone that The 9th Circle was green-lit dependant on the success of this movie. Had he stayed with Art the clown instead of a new killer, who know’s where we would be now?

I give All Hallows Eve 2 2.5 that’s why I don’t eat pumpkin seeds out of 5.

5 Star Rating System 2 and a half stars

If you want to know which director did which short film here goes:

Marc Roussel: The Last Halloween. He has his own anthology feature comprising short films about the internet ‘Dark Web (2017).

Ryan Patch: The Offering.

Antonio Padovan and Bryan Norton: Jack Attack.

Jon Kondelik and James Kondelik: M is for Masochist.

Mike Kochansky: Mr. Tricker’s Treat.

Jay Holben: Descent.

Andrés Borghi: Alexia.

Elias Benavidez: A Boy’s Life.

Jesse Baget: Wraparound segment.

#Terrifier2017 Terrifier 2017

Terrifier (2017)

By far my favorite of these films is Terrifier. No matter how you feel about gore-ridden movies and seemingly nonsensical stories, this is very well made.

People call rubbish on the acting. I liked it. People call rubbish on the story, on it having no depth. I liked the simple story and as far as depth, Art is a particularly complex villain. To know who he is, you have to have already caught glimpses of him on earlier films.

Call me old-fashioned but Art can stand up to any of the slasher villains like Jason VoorheesChucky, and Leatherface. Art’s calculated, sinister and playful in a nihilistic way. For a character that doesn’t speak and is reliant solely on facial expressions and gestures, I adore his guts out.

The story follows three women out on Halloween night. Art commences his night in the limelight by entering a café with his trash bag. In a modern twist like no other, I have seen in a movie of this type, one of the women thinks Art is an unmenacing form on a night like Halloween. She gets a selfie with him.

As far as movies with characters making stupid decisions, I felt there was none of that here. Everyone in the film performs actions in mediocrity. All characters are justifiably present for understandable reasons. No one calls out “who’s there.” Apart from the town and building itself being weirdly lacking in population, the story is as tight as Art’s chains in the basement.

For a low-budget modern tale, the kill scenes are on point, interesting and surprise ridden. Think you’ve seen it all? Not until you’ve seen what Art is capable of. The director Damien Leone draws from all types of horror tropes and themes and then sticks his bloody filled stamp all over it.

I give Terrifier 4.5 bodies sawn in half out of 5.

5 Star Rating System 4 and a half stars

The Midnight Man (2016) Review. It’s Everything That’s Wrong With Some Movies

The Midnight Man 2016
Three children play a game they found in the basement.

At the time of watching this film, I awarded it a half star. I just was annoyed the whole time watching this. It was by IFC Midnight, and I generally get excited about that. Looking at their films though, I realize they are generally hit and miss with me and I either truly despise it or absolutely love it.

For example, I didn’t much care for The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016) and it has many a fanbase. I even reviewed it to point out its flaws. You can see the full review here.

I quite liked Would You Rather (2012), Super (2010) and for all it’s grotesqueness; The Human Centipede (2009).

Quick Film Info

Director and Screenplay: Travis Zariwny with co-writer Rob Kennedy.

Release: Canada September 2016 and DVD March 2018.

Starring: Summer H. HowellKeenan LehmannMeredith Rose Robert Englund and Lin Shaye.

Genres: Horror|Thriller|Suspense

TMM Still

What’s It About?

A girl and her friends play a mysterious game that summons a horrifying creature known as the Midnight Man, who uses their worst fears against them.

The Midnight Man 2016
Fear of killer bunnies? Fear of Donnie Darko? It’s a head scratcher.

How Was It

I’m going to start with some positives. Despite my poor view of this film Gavin Kelly (cinematographer) did an outstanding job creating a dark and eerie mask over the entire scenery. The location itself feels spacious and creepy. The Midnight Man even was pretty darn cool. Many aspects of this creäture alone should cause my half-star rating to rise a little higher (I’m not saying it will though.) Not only was the use of masks to detail his emotion particularly clever but his sense of humor was also a little-added bonus.

The storyline, however, is nonsensical. Character actions are unlikely or stupidity based. Sometimes I watch a horror movie and I think characters have been given an amnesia tablet before filming. Yes, Yes I know characters have no control over their own stories. But if they did, they would have bumped their heads into a hard surface at some point in their short 95 minute lives. As far as the acting goes, they were all fantastic.

What really irked me about this is equal to when someone knows there is something inside the house and yells out “who’s there?” Opening scenes with a bunch of kids playing a creepy board game? I’m in. I don’t mind a non-unique story-line. Heck, I am a sucker for the horror tropes that some people whine about all the time. You have to just face that intermittent phone coverage, jump scares and vengeful spirits will be part of horror films for the rest of eternity. Deal with it.

Soon enough though, thanks to the use of a non-linear timeline we flash forward to the present. I will give credit where credit is due and note that this movie did not follow the usual formula with its central group. Kelly (Emily Haine) is even self-aware and quoting Creepypasta. But what good is it if she goes against her own knowledge?

Each person blatantly believes they have stumbled into something a little unusual in playing a game which requires a blood offering. Yet no matter what happens to each person, they one after the other mutter “oh, it’s just a game.” Let’s pretend I imagined taking a swim in blood.

This group is still questioning the realness of the game at hand after they’ve seen the Midnight Man in all his glory. There is also the matter of the game rules itself. The Midnight Man draws on the fears of its players. Alex Luster (Gabrielle Haugh) has a fear of blood, but no issue participating in the game in the first place. Stabbing fingers is no issue. Other kill mirages are quite weird. One would imagine having your face pulverized beyond recognition or stabbing a bunny to death would bother any average folk.

Final Thoughts

If these type of inconsistencies are fine with your normal viewing habits, then perhaps you will thoroughly enjoy this film. Other’s who love to laugh at kill scenes that are both predictable and not scary will also get a kick out of it.

Me, I like my horror either intentionally stupid or simply straightforward. Throw in a clever story and an original idea and I’m usually fairly happy.  This ticked all my boxes for things that annoyed me. Sorry, Lin Shaye, this one is a fail for me, but that whispering into the intercom thing was pretty great.

I give The Midnight Man 1 first kiss when bodies be droppin’ out of 5.

5 Star Rating System 1 star

The MIdnight Man 2016
Lin Shaye isn’t sure if it’s really Robert England so she feels his face to be sure. It’s a pretty dark house.


Hostile 2017 Review of a Horror Film

Hostile 4

I love interesting horror, but when I watched this I felt duped. There are times when advertising, posters, and even trailers sell you a concept. It’s supposedly when your product is showing potential viewers what to expect if they spend an hour or so hearing a story. Movies can have surprises, sure. But sometimes it’s best to not sell it all dressed up like an action-driven horror when it’s not.

It’s a movie, not a hot dog. If I wanted a hot dog with cheese, and tomato sauce, that’s usually what I see when I open the bag. I paid for the hot dog and I want what I bought. If the order is wrong, I can take it back and maybe get a new one with or without spit in it.

I haven’t felt like this since watching It Comes At Night (2017). Eventually, I realized it was an excellent film. But the promoters decided they wanted a horror audience. They wanted them without telling them. The poster, the trailer, and the premise was all a ruse. Many people were very disappointed and wished they’d just gone out for hot dogs.

Hostile 2017 #Hostile2017

What’s It About?

Juliette, a lone survivor of an apocalyptic era, fights to survive against hunger, thirst, a broken leg and strange disturbing creatures that only come out at nighttime.

Quick Film Info

Writer and Director: Mathieu Turi.

Release: July 2017 Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival. Wide release in March 2018.

Budget: $1.2 million.

Country of Origin: France.

Genre: Drama|Romance|Horror

Starring: Brittany AshworthGrégory FitoussiJavier Botet.

Hostile 2017 #Hostile2017

How Was It?

The poster shows a woman stuck in what looks like a box or a hiding place. The synopsis reads of post-apocalyptic survival and features action sequences and monsters in the dark. I like monsters in the dark. I like a post-apocalyptic movie. I like action mixed in with these themes.

This isn’t a terrible movie but it is certainly not fast paced. The lead Juliette (Brittany Ashworth) reminded me of the performance given by Sophie Skelton in Day of the Dead: Bloodline (2018). That tough-as-nails deadpan character that displays little emotion other than anger or the ability to take some knocks. Juliette’s back-story is a story of taming something and not being able to keep control of it. There’s are other non-subtle hints throughout but I don’t want to reveal the plot too much.

The story told through a series of flashbacks showing what happened leading up to the event that changed the world. Eventually, it meets up with the scene with the car. She maintains an almost stealth-like confidence throughout most of the latter half of the film. She still manages to flip her car when a photo flies out of her window.

And the monsters. They do come at night. But they also hang out in the day. I can’t spoil this one because maybe just maybe someone will appreciate its message and its ability to spin a few great concepts into an otherwise very different story than I thought I was getting.  It’s certainly no hotdog with cheese. It does contain the required elements for a horror movie. It just doesn’t have enough interest in the middle to make the ending hit home. Some people will adore this film though.

I give Hostile2.5what genre is this really’s out of 5.

5 Star Rating System 2 and a half stars

Racer and the Jailbird 2017. A Must See For Fans of Bullhead|

#MatthiasSchoenarts The Racer and the Jailbird

What’s It About?

Set against the background of a brutal criminal gang in Brussels. A tragic love story between Gigi (Matthias Schoenaerts), a high-flying gangster, and Bibi (Adèle Exarchopoulos), a young racing driver with very upper-class roots.

While Gigi attempts to break away from his illicit history, two things stand in the couple’s way to a happy life together: an unrelenting mob hungry for another heist, and the cops that are closing in on them. Continue reading Racer and the Jailbird 2017. A Must See For Fans of Bullhead|

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