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Horror Short Films Home Invasion Set for BHFF 2019


BHFF 2019 short film program this year features a bunch of categories that are sure to please even the fussiest of horror fans. Because I’m a fan of Home Invasion stories, I couldn’t go past a batch of titles based around this theme.


From Brain Jail, Baekmodo is Hungry and The Muffin Man to Laundry Night and The Taxidermist you are in for a real treat. Seek these short films from Brooklyn Horror Film Festival out and get an eye full.

2019’s Home Invasion Short Films Set

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Deja Vu

Director Cameron Strittmatter’s newest short film Deja Vu, tells a surprisingly different 7-minute story about Neil and Lydia. Both are enjoying an office party with Lydia telling him about a nightmare she keeps having. Strangely it involves him and the elevator down the hall. If they investigate nothing will happen right? Less Home invasion and more Sliding Doors this is a horror short that will have you wondering if you’ve been here before.


Emily Bennett who is best known for her role in the TV series The Blacklist directed and wrote this insanely gore-filled short LVRS. It’s not shy about telling the story of what it must feel like for many to be in an abusive relationship and uses horror and mirrors to tell a very hard-hitting 11-and-a-half-minute story.

Laundry Night

There’s nothing like having to do your laundry in the basement and Laundry Night from the director. A.K. Espada shows you that if you think being on the phone will stop anything weird from happening, you’re dead wrong. This is one creepy 7-minute story.

Bakemono Is Hungry BHFF Short Film Review

Bakemono, is based on a story set around the tradition of Setsubun, where good luck is summoned and bad luck expelled by throwing soya beans. Directors Sumire Takamatsu and Jorge Lucas tell the ten-minute story of a family whose young daughter is certainly in no mood to celebrate. With mixed narrative in both Japanese and English. By all means, this was one of my favorites from the batch. It mixes great performances, excellent cinematography, and razor-sharp creep.

Brain Jail

Carleton Ranney’s debut directorial feature-length film Jackrabbit is on Amazon Prime Video. His new short film Brain Jail; breaks a 4-year gap in his filmography. Bringing chance encounters to the forefront a man tries to find a woman he met on a train posting an attempt to locate the ‘cute blonde’ on Craigslist. Of course, no fairy tale would be complete without some conspiracy theories to scare the crap out of you.

2019 Horror Shorts, Brooklyn Horror Film Festival

The Muffin Man

The Muffin Man is directed by Ethan Blum and while it may have you humming the familiar tune and wondering if you know any Muffin Men, this one is definitely not one you want to meet in a dark alley. Set against your favorite quirky comedy horrors, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bakery although you might just find yourself ‘bread on arrival.’

Let Me Play

Let Me Play is an almost 10-minute short film about Grace. She will show you that sisters are good at two things. Making great sheet forts and showing their older brothers what’s what. From director Andrew Bell.

The Taxidermist

The Taxidermist, from director Natalie Johnson, brings the horror to this short film set in a taxidermist shop. If that’s not already scary enough, then perhaps having been tortured in one is. Not for the squeamish or those that dislike triggering themes.


Robbie Lemieux is best known as a producer, but he’s also made a decent handful of short films. Ed is a horror-comedy and two office chums discussing their creepy coworker at wine-o-clock get more than they bargained for when they discover what’s really going on with Ed.

Horizontal Fall

Horizontal Fall is a psychological horror short from director Tin Lee and Ben Someck. Set in a forest with gently singing birds a woman finds it’s harder to kill someone if you’re stuck inside an eternal time loop. Even if you really really want to.

Deep Tissue

Meredith Alloway is the writer-director for the romantic horror short film Deep Tissue. Sometimes a massage is not all you’re going to get. This is not your everyday masseuse and Viv is not your average client. But what if you decide what you thought you wanted isn’t what you wanted after all? Or, what if you do and you like it?

The Rat

Finally, Carlen May-Mann’s second short film is called The Rat and it’s set against Halloween night in the ’80s. A romantic horror-slasher about Renee and Jim tells a tale about young love. There’s even a haunted house, so don’t miss this one if you get the chance.

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