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Australian Horror Movie Review, Bloody Hell Is Bloody Good + New Poster & Release Details

New Bloody Hell poster 2020 Australian horror movie

Mother of Movies has been following the Australian horror film Bloody Hell since it was added to the directory of IMBd.com in early 2020. A new poster and trailer has been released in line with the film’s distribution with The Horror Collective. But first let’s talk about the film, in the most spoiler-free way of course.

Following Rex Cohen, as a customer at the bank, he finds himself in the middle of a bank heist. Opportunity strikes for some heroic action but after it’s all over, Rex is suddenly on the wrong side of the law’s naughty stick. Society hails the man a hero for his actions during the bank robbery, however, the law disagrees. Sentenced to 8-years in jail, when his release finally comes around, Rex is a viral sensation. Those that saw Rex fly into action still consider him worthy of his deeds.

Like any anti-hero, Rex is a little bit crazy. Similarly to Nick Sax in Happy! TV show, Rex’s inner voice comes to life as a rambunctious mirror of himself instead of a blue unicorn. He sits across from him and flips imaginary tables, shouts imaginary obscenities, and shows us what Rex is really feeling. But who needs Cristopher Meloni’s’ Nick (can’t believe I just said that) when you’ve got Ben O’Toole as Rex Cohen. I immediately fell in love with absolutely everything about this amazing Australian actor.

Ben O'Toole in Bloody Hell is bloody brilliant. Australian horror 2020
Ben O’Toole in Bloody Hell is bloody brilliant. Australian horror 2020

Private Hell or Actual Hell

With the paparazzi in his face, at his house and following him everywhere, Rex heads overseas. Finland is the chosen destination for finding some sort of reprieve for his infamy. The narrative for this down on his luck ex-con resembles more as someone who broke half a dozen mirrors and walked under just as many ladders. Bad luck follows this guy everywhere. If Bloody Hell was in the same vein as Final Destination, Rex would be the only one who dies, over and over again. However, this isn’t Happy Death Day and Rex is not lucky enough to be given a do-over. In addition, Death might be hunting him down, but he’s not dead yet.

Horror movies don’t surprise me as often as I like. 2020 has brought me quite a few films that will make my ‘best of’ film list. It’s been a great year for cinema. Bloody Hell gave me the “oh s***” mouth-open moment I look for followed by the wry smile of sinister intentions I adore. Speckled with my favorite type of juxtaposition of score, upbeat music is intermittently inserted to show you the film’s playful side at the most inappropriate moments. A Russian-language film, Why Don’t You Just Die utilized this same concoction to set its chaotic atmosphere to perfection. In addition, writer Robert Benjamin’s backwoods style story infused with a Vontrapp flavored family unit does it remarkably well here too.

One thing’s for sure though, Bloody Hell is fantastically witty. The film uses tiny doses of minimalistic grossness in all the right places. More to the point, this awesome horror movie directed by Alister Grierson will give you more than it takes. The reveal it relinquishes around the half-way mark was unexpectedly brilliant. The pacing is strapped in with dynamite surprises that keep coming right up to the closing scenes. Props to Brad Shield for the amazing cinematography.

Is Rex Cohen a hero or a killer, you decide. But do not miss Bloody Hell.

I give Bloody Hell

4.5 psycho twats out of 5

4.5 Skulls out of 5
4.5 Skulls out of 5

New Red Band Trailer for Bloody Hell Movie

New Bloody Hell trailer courtesy of Entertainment Squad via The Horror Collective

Bloody Hell Movie Review + Release Details For 2021

USA premiere at the auspicious collective online festival event Nightstream, this fast-paced and horror tale was my first pick as part of the official press. Bloody Hell hit the festival’s schedule on October 9th, 2020, and wastes no time setting things up. The film began its festival tour at Germany’s Fantasy Filmfest in September produced by Eclectik Vision.

Distribution and Release Details

  • As of 27/10/2020, the Bloody Hell movie finalized its distribution heading out with Entertainment Squad with its genre label The Horror Collective.
  • The release date reported by both the Hollywood Reporter and PR for the beautifully bloody horror movie is January 14th, 2021. Don’t miss it.
  • The Bloody Hell movie was acquired as a screener. Mother of Movies is part of the official press for 2020’s Nightstream Film Festival.

” I wanted him down and I didn’t want him to reproduce.”

Quote from Bloody Hell, Rex Cohen.

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Bloody Hell horror movie best Australian movies. Courtesy of Entertainment Squad and Eclectik Vision
Bloody Hell starring Meg Fraser and David Hill. Best Australian movies 2020.