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H.P. Lovecraft’s The Deep One’s Brings Cthulhu Mythos to Grimmfest 2020

Colm Geoghegan in The Deep Ones (2020)

The European premiere for a Cthulhu inspired science fiction story, The Deep One’s has all the bells and whistles of any HP Lovecraft movie before it. Lovecraftian horror is generally something fans of the genre of Eldrich and cosmic style universes look forward to. This time director and writer Chad Ferrin brings the mythos of a society of The Deep Ones to a small coastal town where you simply need to wait to see when the hybrid humans will show themselves.

Ferrin’s best film to date was back in 1995 with a crime drama called The Prophecy. As far as his horror films go, it would be fair to say he’s not had much luck since. In a setting that’s on-trend, a married couple rents an Airbnb at the beach. Alex and Petri are a loved up couple who’ve had a pretty rough year.

Lovecraftian Cosmic Horror Movies – The Deep Ones

There is nothing to The Deep Ones that will come as much of a surprise. This doesn’t mean, however, that the film is unworthy of being watchable. There is already some chatter around internet land about the correlation between the way The Deep Ones plays out and the story for Rosemary’s Baby. Mother of Movies simply doesn’t know the latter’s film well enough to confirm or deny this. There are definitely creepy neighbors, suspicious wine, and plenty of overt cult-like behavior.

Performances are great all-round, their odd and peculiar parties, visits, and children are supposed to stand out. The thing I like about stories like this is closed off towns allow for a spider and its web mentality. As the viewer, you know the prey is in a pickle. It heightens the suspense and tension. The recipe is usually the same and it’s just a matter of how wide the core group looking for their next victim goes.

Gina La Piana in The Deep Ones (2020)
Gina La Piana in The Deep Ones (2020)

Science Fiction Monsters

Petrie is first to be swallowed by this small group of busy predators. An older man Russell instantly separates him from his wife and takes him on his yacht. Russel’s young beautiful wife Ingrid is heavily pregnant and together they do what Deep Ones do best.

Alex’s friend joins her on their sleepy vacation. The two begin drinking their own wine insted of the homemade supplies. Like many films of the same ilk as The Deep Ones, little concrete explanation is provided. What is clear though, is that Alex begins to figure out something is amiss. Her husband is acting all kinds of strange and her fight or flight is kicking in.

If you’re a fan of this type of cult and science fiction movie, The Deep Ones is a pleasant time passer. Cinematography is interesting and their lots to raise one weirded-out eyebrow to. It’s always great to see a new way for tentacles to find their way out of infected humans and into others. Here is no different. Despite the predictability of the narrative, it’s an easy watch and well put together.

I give The Deep Ones

3.5 vagina tentacles out of 5

3.5 Skulls out of 5
3.5 Skulls out of 5

Official Trailer for The Deep Ones

Is The Deep Ones just another retelling of HP Lovecrafts monster tales?

In addition, fans of HP Lovecraft can check out The Deep One’s mythos from The Shadow Over Innsmouth on Wiki Fandom.

HP Lovecraft inspired. Johann Urb and Silvia Spross in The Deep Ones (2020)
Johann Urb and Silvia Spross in The Deep Ones (2020)

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Richard Pate as Obed Rayburn and Timothy Muskatell as Dr. Gene Rayburn in The Deep Ones (HP Lovecraft inspired). by Writer-Director Chad Ferrin
Richard Pate as Obed Rayburn and Timothy Muskatell as Dr. Gene Rayburn in The Deep Ones by Writer-Director Chad Ferrin

The Deep One’s Cast

  • Starring: Jackie Debatin, Johann Urb, Kelli Maroney, Nicolas Coster, Jon Mack, Robert Miano, Gina La Piana, Rachel Pringle and, Silvia Spross.
  • Friday, October 9th at 4 pm Grimmfest,
  • Directed & written by Chad Ferrin & HP Lovecraft,
  • Produced by Crappy World Films.