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[Cargo] Review, A Crime Thriller Movie About A Man In A Box

Cargo 2018 crime thriller movie review

Streaming on Amazon Prime snd TubiTV (check your region at JustWatch.com) is [Cargo]. Not the same Australian zombie film Cargo but one of another dozen titles of Cargo. Its title is marked square brackets. [Cargo] is a crime thriller movie, this time released in 2018 by writer-director James Dylan.


Kidnappers stuff a man, Anthony Peterson into a Cargo container with a cell phone and 24 hours to raise $10 million. Mother of Movies likes single location movies. In addition, we like ransom films that promise a timeframe prior to a likely death. Somehow, this story manages a pretty cool poster and the same man pacing in his cell for 80-minutes. He talks to a handful of people in an attempt to wrangle money from his investors, his children, and his employees.

Anthony Peterson is not a likable prisoner. He is accused of orchestrating a hit in a deal gone wrong. His kidnappers were involved in the fallout and have woken up and decided on revenge. The man on the phone also sounds like that ‘movie voice-over guy’ from viral videos around the internet. It was all I could think of. They have Anthony’s wife and basically announce he needs to come up with the cash and fast.

Ron Thompson as Anthony Peterson
Ron Thompson as Anthony Peterson, in [Cargo], a crime thriller movie.

Crime Thrillers Aren’t Always Thrilling [Cargo]

His children and ex-wife hate him but that doesn’t stop him from cleaning out their trust funds. The main supporting cast is an employee of his who is in constant contact. In an attempt to wind up the action a robbery is organised which will collect the total required to complete the ransom. Despite several times explaining that Anthony should just let his trophy wife die or that he should just take the money for himself, he instead risks it all to commit to this task.

It all sounds good on paper. And perhaps paper is where Cargo should have stayed. What could have saved this small independent feature film was some small inclinations towards the details it recounts. Seeing as the whole story is played out on the cell phone its captor uses. Pivotal scenes sounded more animated instead of under duress. For example, his long-suffering but highly persuadable employee is met by security during the robbery he undertakes and somehow has the fortune of a head shot mid-gun-wrestle. Undeterred, he is followed by the cops, crashes his car, and is bitten by an attack dog. This all happens without much of a whimper. In fact, Anthony complains more than he does. Time passes too quickly during these events and the whole scenario is over in a very short time. While on the phone.

How Many Teeth Can You Pull Out?

And then there’s Anthony’s valiant attempt to obtain more money once his captors re-raise the bar they originally set. He is given pliers and told which body parts are worth the most money. Anthony pulls ten teeth and continues to speak on the phone almost as if nothing has happened.

Cargo is not abysmal. Given budget restraints, the overall film makes an exemplorary effort to try and be original without falling back on additional casting, special effects and props.

I give Cargo

2 out of 5

2 stars out of 5 on Mother of Movies
2 stars out of 5 on Mother of Movies