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Bad Cupid Review What To Do When Love Gives Up On You

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Mother of Movies believes in fate. In signs that make it seem as if life is headed in the right direction. When the planets align and everything seems perfect, it’s hard to see the end of something that has been ending all along. Bad Cupid is the perfect independent antidote when love’s bow and arrow misses and breaks into a million pieces. Bad Cupid (aka Prick’d in the UK) is a film anyone should watch if love has mistreated you. It will make you feel better, I promise.

In a similar fashion to movies like Bad Santa and Bad Grandpa, Bad Cupid takes the ideal of the traditional loved up fairy and twists it on its head. This cupid, Archie, is nothing at all like the Cupid we usually think of. Instead of wings and neat and tidy hair flittering around firing arrows of love into unsuspecting new lovers, this guy simply intervenes.

It’s Archies’ mission to ensure “love always wins,” and he is not afraid to use violence to get his way. We are introduced to our Cupid, Archie as he wanders into a proposal on the top of a bridge. While very romantic for some, this Cupid knows who should and should not claim their happy-ever-after. He pulls something similar to that of the series Lucifer. A wise and knowing Cupid, he points out all the reasons they not destined for their happily ever after. Archie then unceremoniously takes his trusty bat and hits the ring into the river. Archie is played by a homeless-looking John Rhys-Davis. On a mission to reunite Denise and Dave, he kidnaps her fiance and stuffs him into the boot of his car.

Dave Has Been Dumped

Enter Dave. Dave is seen at the beginning of the movie being dumped by the love of his life. What’s more, his dumping is spontaneous and seemingly out of nowhere. Denise decides to end their relationship while walking home from a less than riveting romantic dinner. Dave is heartbroken, of course, and spends the next year pining for what he thinks is the one that got away.

The story travels along nicely with plenty of anecdotal evidence as to why moping around after lovers is hardly ever beneficial. It’s funny and uplifting if you’re looking for something different to watch from the ho-hum dime a dozen romantic comedy. There are plenty of plot pivots to break things up and performances are all outstanding in comparison to other indie films of this kind. Considering Archie’s propensity towards violence and bad manners to get his missions completed, the agenda for Bad Cupid is surprisingly pro-love.

Stream Bad Cupid From February 12th, 2021

Overall, Mother of Movies watched this twice, simply because of its dark side and a need to see the good guys get beaten up simply for winning the girl. I certainly felt better after watching Bad Cupid.

I give Bad Cupid

3.5 “Don’t confuse pain with misery” out of 5

3.5 crows out of 5
3.5 Russell Crows out of 5
Bad Cupid aka Prik'd starring Claybourne Elder
Bad Cupid aka Prik’d starring Claybourne Elder
Bad Cupid movie trailer

  • Starring John Rhys-Davies, Shane Nepveu, Briana Marin, Claybourne Elder, Christine Turturro, and Amelia Sorenson.
  • Written and directed by Diane Cossa & Neal Howard
  • Bad Cupid releases direct-to-VOD starting on February 12th, 2021
  • Production Co: Luv Hurtz LCC and W² Media
Bad Cupid aka Prik'd starring Amelia Sorensen and Shane Nepveu
Bad Cupid aka Prik’d starring Amelia Sorensen and Shane Nepveu