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Mother of Movies is an entertainment website. Not just movies, I cover film festivals, music videos, television series, and independent projects, films, and shorts. Got a press release you want to get the word out for? Send it to me! Fill in the contact form at the end of this page.

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Mother of Movies will cover you film, film festival, short or music video. Buy me a coffee to say thanks. We like coffee.
Mother of Movies will cover you film, film festival, short or music video. Buy me a coffee to say thanks. We like coffee.

Mother of Movies has been part of the accredited press for Fantasia, Brooklyn Horror, Final Girls Berlin, Blood in the Snow, Cinepocalypse, and many more film festivals from around the world. Sometimes I seek out a film for review, sometimes filmmakers and distributers seek me out. If you’re making a request, please ensure you have enough information via a press pack and/images for your pitch and allow time for scheduling.

More About the People Behind Mother of Movies Website

When I was a little kid, I would sneak out of bed to watch what my parents said I couldn’t.

Down the hallway hiding behind the lounge, I watched lots of stuff they said was too scary.

Now as an adult, I still get a twinge when left alone in the dark, thanks; American WereWolf in London.

The movies Jaws was something I also had to watch but I was older then. Still, I’d run upstairs when the Jaws music announced itself and return when the blood had cleared from the water. As an adult, I still fear the ocean but swim in it from time to time.

Originally from Sydney, Australia I live in Queensland – Moreton Bay.

I have 3 diplomas. Human Resources Management, Business Management, and Hospitality. None of those things make me excited to be alive. And they say if you do something you love you’ll never work a day in your life. Movies spark joy in me. I want to find out if the latter is true.

cheers, Vanessa Stewart.

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