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Indie Short Film Klink Klunk Klonk & Feature Never Be Done Double Review

Double Indie Film Review Never Be Done and Klink, Klunk, Klonk

Veteran David Black, Australian filmmaker, and all-round talent sent Mother of Movies his recent short film Klink Klunk Klonk. Made whilst mid-lockdown 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, filmmaker David Black has come up with something entirely new. A spoken-word homage poem about the impact on society. His new short film is art-house in style and features imagery about how the Western world felt about everything that’s happened this past while.


The second film in this double review is a documentary feature from filmmaker Roy Tighe called Never Be Done: The Richard Glen Lett Story which also features some poignant comedy and lyrical prose.

An Indie Short Film & an Independent Documentary

Klink, Klunk, Klonk (2020) from David Black
Klink, Klunk, Klonk (2020)

Klink Klonk Klunk – A Short Film

You can watch Klink Klunk Klonk below right here on the Mother of Movies website.

Generally, the movie thrusts you into an industry tempo, machinery wrought spoken word. Black, who also stars in the film talks about the soulless operation of the world. Set in what looks like an abandoned warehouse, black-clothed masked men (played by Gerardo Chiechia) working with human skulls busy themselves as you are treated to 5 or so minutes of spoken-word. In classic Black style and, gothic fashion anyone who’s seen his previous work will know and recognize the black lips and vampiric teeth as they appear throughout housed crudely as an overlay.

Klink Klonk Klunk isn’t just about the pandemic that has gripped the world. The poetry also chimes in with issues of climate control and the devastating impact of pollution, greed and corruption. There are nods to famed activists, technology, work ethic and a society that has been driven into a very grey area.

Overall I liked the spoken word a little more than the visuals. In comparison with some of his other works, Klink Klonk Klunk certainly has a more dour tone. As always though, if you have seen any of David Blacks work you’re in for a treat.

Who is David Black

Known for many independent feature films as well as television productions here in Australia, you can find David Black in Soul Food, Sex Robot, Horror House and cult hit Cannibal Barbeque.

Watch Klink Klonk Klunk

Klink Klunk Klonk written, directed and starred in by David Black. Gerardo Chiechia stars as well as did cinematography

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Richard Lett and Roy Tighe in Never Be Done The Richard Glen Lett Story (2020) Indie Films
Richard Lett and Roy Tighe in Never Be Done The Richard Glen Lett Story (2020)

Stand-up Comedy Documentary

Never Be Done: The Richard Glen Lett Story

  • Danny Mendlow Producer – Never Be Done: The Richard Glen Lett Story
  • Directed by Roy Tighe
  • Produced by Tigheland Productions & Distributed by Comedy Dynamics

A documentary from filmmaker Roy Tighe, Never Be Done: The Richard Glen Lett Story follows the life of a Candian comedian Richard Glen Lett. Filmed over the course of 7-years the biographical documentary opens on a city street. In spoken word, and a lyrical rap style, Lett regales a sad but mesmerizing poem inspired by a phone call from a bill collector.

He sets the scene for his audience as he smokes a cigarette and relates how he was in his messy apartment at the time and had on only one shoe. The words somehow manage to give you an instant rapport with the performer and I warmed to him straight away. His voice has a husky tenor and it’s easy to see he is comfortable being front and center. Here’s a small part I gleaned from the whole introductory poem.

“I will pay my dealer and I will pay my tab,

And I will pay homage to the memory of my dad.

But I won’t pay you.

I can guarantee you that.

You can take that bill of mine and stick it in your hat.”

A poem by Richard Glen Lett

Booze, Drugs, and Comedy

Following what is an extremely enjoyable story integrated into the poem are some flashbacks. A younger and better dressed Lett takes to the stage doing stand-up comedy. Clips show people in the business as well as fans describing him as a “brutally insulting, booze-filled slob,” ” a road warrior” and “the most real person you will ever meet.” A montage taken from people who encountered him over the course of his career convey the drug and alcohol tornado this man has let accompany him on his life journey.

Moreover, as the story of Richard’s chronicles moves to deeper depths, it becomes obvious that the opinions and jokes that made him loved by many were also a source of scorn. Banned from venues, pubs, and clubs he is also known for his bigotry and rascim and sometimes overtly insensitively fueled stand-up comedy for which it seems he gives no f**ks. A particular sore point to many of his haters was a song he composed based on serial killer Robert Picton. For those that can separate situational circumstances and making light of things that the majority cannot see the humour in, his ballad was appreciated for what it was. In his own words, his musings were a way to “express his discontent with the world.”

Never Be Done Trailer, Watch It Here

Trailer Never Be Done: The Richard Glen Lett Story

“It’s easier to get forgiveness than permission.”

Richard Glen Lett

Laugh Until You Cry

The Never Be Done: The Richard Glen Lett Story documentary has played at Whistler Film Festival, Vancouver’s Just For Laughs Film Festival and took home top prize at the Studio City Film Festival for Best Documentary. Since the release Lett has sobered up and integrated himself back into the mainstream entertainment industry. He has done some television and touring and seems to for all intents and purposes back to a new normal.

Finally, the film itself is well put together, well shot, and mesmerizing, feeling way shorter than it’s 78-minute runtime. An uplifting and inciteful story that would be laughable to not seek out.

The documentary will be released for rental and purchase on most platforms after June 30th, 2020.