Phasma Ex Machina (Ghost from the Machine) Vs Our House

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If you’re confused by the two titles don’t be. I found that it didn’t matter whether I typed in Ghost From the Machine (the USA title) or Phasma Ex Machina, the right film came up. Ghost movies are great. Mother of Movies likes them.  

I just watched Our House, a film by director Anthony Scott Burns. Afterward, I realized I had to watch the original if I was going to do a fair review. There are plenty of ghost movies to choose from in 2018 and Our House was pretty good.

Phasma Ex Machina 2010 Remade into 2018's ghost movies Our House
#PhasmaExMachina2010 Movies with ghosts that aren’t scary.

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But first of all, Ghost From the Machine 2010. Not to be confused with Ghost in the Machine (1993) which is an entirely different film.

The Storyline for Ghost From the Machine

Later, Cody is left dealing with enormous guilt, caring for his younger brother after death in the family. After several attempts with his electromagnetic device created to connect with the spirits, he becomes the first to breach the wall between the living and the dead.

“Ghost from the Machine” is a sci-fi film that combines both heart and mystery with electronic veins and sheet metal.

Movies with ghosts like 2018 Our House is remade from the 2010 film Ghost in the Machine

Ghost Movies & Movies with Ghosts

There are a lot of films where characters contact the dead in various forms. One of them, for example, is Flatliners where there are specific efforts to glimpse the afterlife are the main theme of the story. Similarly, films, where ouija boards and mediums are utilized to speak on behalf of the living, are a regular gimmick. There’s even a bunch of movies where artificial intelligence does so as well, like in Star Wars.

Phasma Ex Machina is also a film where technology is the medium to contact the dead.

Deus Ex Machina translates to ‘God from Machine’

Ghost in the Machine centers around Cody, an inventor who makes the machine specifically to contact his dead parents. n fact, both movies do. The difference is in the storyline. For Ghost in the Machine, the film is very much a slow burn character-driven one. It concentrates a lot on the issues and processes people go through in dealing with death. There are a few well-timed creepy moments combined with Tom’s (a local scientist) inability to let go of his now returned wife. Just how far he will go to have her remain locked in limbo instead of returning to the afterlife is what brings this film its crescendo.

Consequently, there is a bit of waffle in this movie. For example, sometimes too much explanation was offered in place of dead space.

The other film is very much less a film about family dynamics and in fact, the endings are also different.

Here, Matt Osterman wrote and directed this with $25K and for what it is, its a unique and original idea. Likewise, I can see why someone like Anthony Scott Burns (director of Our House) found it so appealing. Ghost in the Machine is an idea, on-screen in it’s purest form. There aren’t any fancy special effects or CGI added and it’s still a good film.

I give Ghost in the Machine

3 inventions that look like a penis out of 5

3 stars out of 5
3 Skulls out of 5
Phasma Ex Machina 2010. Remade into 2018 ghost movies Our House
Max Hauser plays James #PhasmaExMachina2010

Sneaky Homage to Ghostbusters, Another Movie with Ghosts, You Might Have Caught

In the opening minutes of the film, there is a Post-It note on the bulletin board that reads “Total Protonic Reversal.” If you don’t recognize these words you need to watch “Ghostbusters (1984.)”

Total Protonic Reversal is what happens when the streams from their proton packs are crossed.

Finally, here’s a quote that made it into both films is this;

"You know when you feel a presence, say it's like the hair on the back of your neck standing up, the temperature in the room drops a few degrees, a cold spot. Well, maybe what your sensing is a shift in the electromagnetic energy levels. The bottleneck between the other side and ours is just the ambient energy. Let's see what happens if we give it to them."
Phasma Ex Machina 2010 Remade into 2018 ghost movies Our House
#PhasmaExMachina2010 Movies with ghosts like Phasma Ex Machina
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