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Follow Me, An Escape Room Movie With A Hostel Edge + A Social Media Influencer

Follow Me aka No Escape 2020 Poster

If you’ve seen one escape room movie you’ve seen them all. Right? Right, Well here at Mother of Movies, I am less than a closet addict of these types of films. I was happy with the title change from No Escape to Follow Me. Someone, somewhere must have realized just how many horror movies there are with the same moniker. Lead by a social media influencer, the narrative has the same set up as all the others. Follow Me comes as Cole introduces his story as a vlogger and begins a spate of fan suggested trips to escape rooms in an attempt to be ‘scared.’


Of course, always wanting to grow and impress his burgeoning social media audience, when one of his friends organizes a trip to Moscow to visit an elite, invitation-only escape room he doesn’t hesitate. Joined by his girlfriend and three others, they head off to meet some rich guy with connections.

Social media influencer Cole snaps a pic with Keegan in No Escape 2020
(L-R) Keegan Allen as Cole (a social media influencer) and Ronen Rubinstein as Alexei in the horror-thriller film NO ESCAPE a Vertical Entertainment release. Photo courtesy of Vertical Entertainment.

Follow Me aka No Escape 2020 Official Horror Movie Trailer

Social media influencers in horror movies – Follow Me movie trailer

Another Escape Room Movie Review Titled Follow Me

I’m not going to deny the generic nature of the first three quarters of Follow Me. Everything is familiar right down to the suspicious driver who slips Cole and his girlfriend some money. The rolled-up cash just happens to contain a weird red scrap of paper that doesn’t make sense until the final quarter. The escape room puzzles commence in an underground jail with sectioned partitions of different types. For an elite form of the game, it wasn’t particularly fancy nor inventive.

In a quick change, things descend rather suddenly into Hostel territory. I was pleased to see one of my favorite bad guys take charge of the carnage with a character called Andrei. Played by Pasha D. Lychnikoff, this guy has been in everything. I love seeing his face appear but most people will know him as Yvon from Shameless. The rest of the cast was an enjoyable mix of solid performances. In addition, none of the cast annoyed me, so bonus points for that.

Directed and Written By Will Wenick

Will Wernick has directed an Escape Room movie before, appropriately titled No Escape Room. Mother of Movies did a double review of two films with the same name released in the same year. Wernick has come leaps and bounds since his sophomore feature. There is much more meat to the story here in Follow Me. In fact, this film is such a mystery box of mash-ups I can’t help but be impressed.

In the final act, the storyline does a quick 360. I won’t spoil the surprise but I will add a short sentence or two in a sealed drop-down section at the end. Fans of this type of thing will enjoy the time spent watching Follow Me.

I give Follow Me aka No Escape

3.5 not a game changer but solid viewing out of 5

3.5 Skulls out of 5
3.5 Skulls out of 5

Follow Me released in Australian theatres in mid-July 2020. Digital and On Demand releases commenced on September 18th. Initial responses around internet land by those venturing out to a long-awaited trip to the cinema and critics alike have generally panned Follow Me with gusto. One thing I noticed was the heavy comparison to the Saw franchise. Saw never pretends to not have games that kill you. Follow Me heavily implies the puzzles can cause death but it’s not the games that start the body count. Mother of Movies acquired the movie via a screener for review purposes.

Spoiler Section for Follow Me

Who’s your favorite top social media influencer?

Spoiler Section for Follow Me

Not only does this film about escape rooms have attributes similar to others of it’s kind, Follow Me gets an ending in the same vein as The Game (1977.) If you’ve never seen The Game with Michael Douglass, drop everything and watch it immediately.

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