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You Wouldn’t Understand A 10 Minute Short Film

Science fiction short film - You Wouldn't Understand 2020

The past year has brought an array of weird movies like Greener Grass, Vivarium, The Twentieth Century, and The Art of Self Defense. All quirky and odd in their own right but downright entertaining. You Wouldn’t Understand dishes up a short but memorable experience. The dialogue is anything but standard as the two men have a conversation about one’s lack of ‘horsey sauce’ and the fact he needs to get back to his very large group which is never seen. There is something very unobtrusively off about everything but nothing that gives away what that might be.


The simple byline for the sci-fi and comedy short has been having a very successful film festival run in 2020. It states You Wouldn’t Understand is about a man having a picnic who is interrupted by another man dressed in white.

Nothing odd about having a picnic. But when the scenery is filled with green grass for miles and the man is alone with a picnic spread big enough to feed a small army, one wonders. The man is relaxed and unperturbed, he picks up his book and a delicious apple and takes a bite. Soon enough, he squints to see two men in the distance, and they are both running. They disappear behind a large bush and only one man emerges. Now he’s just walking and he is heading towards the happy picnicker. It’s tense.

You Wouldn't Understand stars Anthony Arkin
You Wouldn’t Understand stars Anthony Arkin

Multiple Viewings Required

Additionally, what I appreciated the most about this film is that it took approximately 3 runs through it to love it. On the first watch, it’s not entirely obvious what on earth just happened. This is through no fault of the film or its writing but rather a feather in its cap. The 9-minute confines of the story are told so well and utilize it’s narrative, visuals, and aesthetics so well, the story unfolds with small details. They are easy to miss the first time around.

You Wouldn’t Understand is directed and written by Trish Hernatiaux. Jacob A. Ware is a co-writer and also stars alongside Anthony Arkin, the man having the picnic. Mother of Movies screened this delightful short film as part of the press for 2020’s Fantasia Film Festival. Without a doubt, it’s a film you need to watch over and over and is perfectly suited to a VOD or digital release. Keep an eye on the vanessasnonspoilers.com website for release details.

You Wouldn’t Understand Short Film Trailer

A Science Fiction Short Film From Steel Drum In Space productions

You Wouldn't Understand short film starring Jacob A. Ware
You Wouldn’t Understand short film starring Jacob A. Ware