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Come True Movie Has Cronenberg Style Unsettling Dreams

Come True Poster courtesy of Copperheart Entertainment & IFC Midnight

Anthony Scott Burns’ science fiction and horror-story, Come True, is dividing audiences. Applauded for its Cronenberg nightmare monsters and regaled for its climax. The movie premiered at Fantasia Film Festival in August and has since been on the festival circuit with mixed reviews. As the closing film for the 2020 virtual Blood in the Snow Film Festival, Mother of Movies was finally able to get my hands on this one. It’s been picked up by IFC Midnight and Raven Banner Entertainment with a soon to be announced release date. It aired on November 7th on the Super Channel, Canada.


Come True takes on the sleep experiment landscape with a wishy-washy brush. All the components are there to make this a solid entry for lovers of nightmarish tales. Apparently, the finale is where many lose the plot over where the initial story was aimed for. For what its worth, I actually liked the ending. The story (written by Daniel Weissenberger) takes a runaway teen and slams her into an opportunity to make some cash via a sleep study. With a two-birds and one stone attitude, Sarah gets a bed to sleep in and, money in her pocket and is more than enthusiastic to participate. She quickly comes to the conclusion, however, that something is amiss when she begins having not so pleasant side effects.

Come True from the makers who did Ginger Snaps
Come True from the makers who did Ginger Snaps

Come True Movie Review & Trailer

Come True Movie trailer and where to watch

There is a lot of dark visceral imagery as cameras swoop through what is supposedly inside Sara’s dreams. A small lab full of scientists has discovered a way to watch from backstage and into the land of nod using small monitors and the standard skull cap full of wires. Sarah isn’t the only person in the study, there are a bunch of other people who lay in beds all dressed in white. And they all see the same shadowy figure with glowing eyes.

Films like Come True don’t aim to scare you senseless. Instead, they douse you with frightening and unsettling scenes that stay with you long after the film is over. Similarly to Burns’s directorial debut film, Our House, Come True wants you to immerse in the thought of being scared of something you can’t see. In this case, he allows you to partake in a shadowy, never clear picture of what it is you could see if you could see it.

The Come True Ending

What pushed Mother of Movies over the line between not liking this and wanting to watch it again is the finale. It’s in the horror films’ final moments that take it to another level, not the other way around. The relationship between Jeremy and Sarah takes on a whole new meaning if you take the final shot into account. Obviously, I’m being vague so as not to spoil the film. See Come True and make up your own mind about the ending but I’d love to hear your thoughts. Join me on the Mother of Movies Facebook page for debate.

I give Come True

4 Stranger things have happened in the forests out of 5

4 stars out of 5
4 stars out of 5
Come True 2020 First Look Images from Anthony Scott Burns. Movies with Cronenberg monsters.
Come True 2020 First Look Images from Anthony Scott Burns has Cronenberg influences

Mother of Movies acquired the movie Come True as part of the press for the BITS Film Festival, the best in Canadian terror and horror films. The film will be distributed by IFC Midnight in March 2021.

  • Director: Anthony Scott Burns.
  • Writers: Screenplay by Anthony Scott Burns, Story by Daniel Weissenberger.
  • Stars: Landon Liboiron, Julia Sarah Stone, Skylar Radzion, Tiffany Helm, Tedra Rodgers, and Christopher Heatherington.
  • More movies with Cronenberg influences: Rabid VS Rabid / Phasma Ex-Machina