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The Mimic Is A Sociopath Psychopath Who Wants To Be You

The Mimic Poster How to be a sociopath 2020

I find the concept of narcissists and sociopathic psychopaths fascinating. The Mimic is a film you really have to sit down and give your full attention to. Straight away. Despite doing this, a short time into watching The Mimic I felt like I missed something. The opening immediately launches into an intense intellectual dialogue between the narrator and his neighbor.

The narrator is represented by one of the characters. His fixation with his younger and baby-faced neighbor arrives suddenly into his life and sticks there. The endless conversations between this man and his neighbor become decidedly clearer over the course of the film. Its crux is that both men realize they are both sociopaths but even then never waver from their original mindset.

How Many Sociopaths are in this Movie?

The narrator believes “The Kid” is mimicking him and vice versa. Both writers, he muses this younger new friend is trying to copy him down to his very soul. It becomes his mission to find out everything he can about this kid. Of course, he proves to be a tough nut to crack.

There is a crossover mid-way that points to the whole movie being a story within a story. Two people writing a story with the flowing film being the result of what they are writing. This unusual direction strangely doesn’t come together as cohesively as it would like. For me, things mostly return to feeling erratic. Much as it did in the beginning I lost the focus to pay attention. I also felt like I wasn’t smart enough to understand the film. This is in spite of thinking my grasp on what a sociopathic psychopath was, was fairly good going in.

There are certainly some zingy one-liners about statistics that I scoffed a laugh at. In addition, some basic ideas on everyone thinking or knowing someone that is a sociopath. Not to mention, The Mimic is based on a true story as well, but I simply didn’t understand overall what it wanted to say. It’s hyperbolic nature, although a fun idea, wasn’t clear enough to support the rhetoric.

I give The Mimic

2 Do you like Fabreeze? out of 5

2 stars out of 5 on Mother of Movies
2 stars out of 5 on Mother of Movies
The Mimic trailer. A film about sociopaths from Gravitas Ventures

The Mimic From Gravitas Ventures

Shows You How to Be A Sociopathic Psychopath

“Sociopaths have been portrayed as a shady bunch up until now. This film is about one who isn’t, but who is searching to fill his broken void by mirroring someone else’s self-image. I am introducing audiences to an alternate character dynamic which has yet to be portrayed under comedic scrutiny on screen and yet he lives among us all.”

Statement from director Thomas F. Mazziotti
The Mimic Movie Review from Gravitas Ventures
The Mimic Movie Review from Gravitas Ventures 2020
Jake Robinson and Thomas Sadoski star in The Mimic 2020
Jake Robinson and Thomas Sadoski star in The Mimic 2020

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More importantly, the comedy movie releasies in limited theaters on February 5th, 2021. It will also be available on VOD.

  • Written & Directed by Thomas F. Mazziotti
  • Produced by: Benjamin Cox, p.g.a.
  • Starring: Thomas Sadoski, Jake Robinson, Austin Pendleton, Gina Gershon, Marilu Henner, Tammy Blanchard, Didi Conn, Josh Pais, Jessica Keenan Wynn, Doug Plaut, with M. Emmet Walsh and Jessica Walter.
  • The Mimic was acquired as a screener for review purposes.