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‘Older’ A Film Written By Directed & Starring Guy Pigden

Older starring Guy Pigden and Liesha Ward Knox and Astra McLaren

There is a lot to like about Guy Pigden’s low-budget drama from New Zealand. There are some lofty ideas, plenty of nostalgic one-liners, and things to relate to. Audiences more likely to get something out of this movie about smashing head-on into a massive rut are those over 30. That certainly doesn’t exclude those under 30, however as a narrative about getting older, when you’re knee-deep at the precipice of that, will definitely feel it more. The story follows Alex played by Pidgen himself. He’s failed with his lifelong goal of filmmaking, moves back in with his parents, and settled back into the routine he had before embarking into the big wide world. He smokes weed, stocks up on tissues and simply wallows in the depths.


What Mother of Movies liked about the film was its relatability. Alex is by all definitions, the guy who plays the field. A person who doesn’t know what to do next when the goal you reached is left in tatters. His slasher film was panned by critics. So what do you do when you don’t know what to do next. You stick with what you know. Alex shimmies into his on-again-off-again girl, not wanting to keep her but not wanting to let her go. He sees no value in settling down and having a family of his own. His relationships are kept at arm’s length but also probably purposely so.

Is it Time For A New Dream?

When he reconnects with an old high school friend Jenny, he keeps her and his old flame dangling on the hook. With everything in limbo, Alex questions who he wants to be. We’ve all been there and this is the solid consistent thread that will stick with many. How do you let go of the things that you think are keeping you alive?

Performances were a bit of a sticking point for me in Older. Generally speaking for most of the film I warmed to many of the cast. But in this case, perhaps my annoyance with Alex’s character stemmed from some personal life experiences that caused me to think he was more underwhelming than he was. As an independently funded production, Older was definitely better than many. In this case, sometimes hitting too close to home can make you hate something that doesn’t deserve it.

“What do you do when your dream comes true, and nothing happens?”

Quote from the film, Older starring Guy Pigden

I give Older

3 new dreams are hard to come by on the market out of 5

3 stars out of 5
3 Skulls out of 5

  • Released by Indie Rights Movies on November 6th, 2020.
  • Starring: Guy Pigden, Leisha Ward Knox, Astra McLaren, Harley Neville, Samantha Jukes.
  • Mother of Movies acquired ‘Older’ as a screener for review purposes.
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Older starring Guy Pigden and Liesha Ward Knox
Older starring Guy Pigden and Liesha Ward Knox

Older 2020 Movie Trailer A Romantic Drama

Older trailer. Available now on Amazon, Google Play, and Tubi

Older is available now on Amazon, Google Play, and Tubi

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