Do You Know What Acid Rain Is? This Short Film Will Show You

Acid directed and written by Just Philippot

Acid is a 2018 short film written and directed by Just Philippot. An uncompromisingly brutal short film that studies the effect that one difference in the natural weather pattern would have on the world, Acid starts off on a high note and never let’s go. What would happen if one day the rain falling from the sky was sheer acid? This is the starting
off point for this short film, which opens on a teddy bear being burned through with acidic rain as the world falls into chaos behind it. It is a jarring juxtaposition and presents a theme that is at the heart of the film, that of protecting innocence from such a horrific event.

The film follows a family trying to escape a new system of incoming clouds. The three Elise, Karim, and Juju are hoping to find some sort of shelter, which given the panic of the populous is harder than it sounds. Their plight to find fortitude from the rain, especially for their child, is the core of the viewing experience. It is one that even those without children can find true reasoning behind such motivation.

18-Minutes of Acid Rain

The pace of the short never lets up as it does not shy away from showing the cruel vignettes of what life in this new world would be like. This is a film that could have just as easily made up an entire feature, but we are in this place for 17 minutes in time. The tone is very much akin to the film Children of Men in its bleak color palette and frenetic shaky camera use. It is certainly not a film to brighten your day.

The technical decision to make this piece in a 4:3 aspect ratio as well as an inspired one, leading to a claustrophobic viewing experience. At every turn, this is a film that is daring you to stay engaged despite the dark themes at play, and it one that you will find engaging given the sheer spectacle on display. This is a high-concept short film that has the production value to match, with a sinister premise that will make you question how safe it is the next time it rains.

Acid gets

4.5 acidic raindrops out of 5

4.5 Skulls out of 5
4.5 Skulls out of 5
  • You can watch ‘Acide’, a dystopian fantasy French short film on FILMPIXS
  • ‘Acide’ was acquired as a screener for review purposes
  • Directed & written by Just Philippot
  • Starring: Maud Wyler, Sofian Khammes, Antonin Chaussoy.
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Acide aka Acid 2018 short film directed by Just Philippot
Acide aka Acid 2018 short film directed by Just Philippot. Image courtesy of FILMPIXS

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