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Child’s Play; Falling Out of Love With Chucky. A Futuristic Failure in Horror Love

Directed by Lars Klevberg

Lars Klevberg is not having a good run. His directorial debut was Polaroid, which got shelved to shake off the stink. That film that had a certain Weinstein’s appendage stuck to it? Well following up from there, Child’s Play is a film I had really good intentions for going in. I don’t mind a reboot, reimaging or remake but the issues here go a lot deeper than that. Not even Mark Hamill as the voice of Chucky could save this for me.

The Child’s Play franchise itself is one of those ideas people either love or hate. But you’ve got to admit, the original film was neat. The idea that he had a girlfriend and kid (Glen) is pretty unique and even if there are some lower quality films in the Chucky franchise, most are worth at least one watch. I also get that this New and shiny film pokes a proverbial stick at big tech corporations and our throw-away society, but did it have to insult the original film?

Buddi Doll Commercial
Buddi Doll Commercial

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What is Child’s Play About?

The original Buddi is back but this time director Lars Klevberg swings the bar into a not too distant future. Buddi is no ordinary doll and instead, the most sought after toy designed to be a friend rather than just a plaything.

Buddi connects to the cloud, learns and responds to his environment. But what if one of the dolls was altered? What if someone working on putting out the latest kid companion decided to make a Buddi that was not safe to be around children, adults pets or even other toys?

Is the Child’s Play Premise Scary?

The original Child’s Play film from 1988 is the most successful movie in the Child’s Play franchise. Overall the premise is genetically scary. But the original films’ serial killer underbelly was a lot eviler and less kid-friendly than this new cartoonish version of Chucky.

Brad Dourif is the forever memorable voice of Chucky. In the 2019 Child’s Play, veteran Star Wars alumni Mark Hamill came to the party. He did bring a certain incarnate innocence to the doll in question, however, the film itself didn’t raise any hairs on my arms.

Was Chucky 2019 Reboot a Success?

For me, the answer is no, this reboot was not a success. I was too conflicted to enjoy the story. In this film, we are on the precipice of the future by design. But there is nothing really added to this universe to give the tale plausibility apart from driverless cars, glow batteries and these AI dolls. The characters are inane in many ways. By inane, I mean annoying.

Aside from that, I absolutely took issue with a bunch of kids laughing at Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1986. They could just as easily tied in a Star Wars film for this doll to get tips from. Plus, Andy is the type of kid who would watch Star Wars over Texas Chainsaw anyway. It certainly ties into him choosing Hans Solo as Chucky’s name instead of Chop-top or Leatherface for example. But then again no one said this movie had any consistency.

Chucky 2019 is more like a stalker-obsession movie narrative that you never asked for all wrapped up in a child-sized toy. He’s more akin to Miley Cyrus’s character Ashley in the Black Mirror Episode; Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too. Except for the fact we are supposed to believe Chucky’s learning capabilities and desire to be the best best friend anyone could ever want is its sole purpose. The rest of my complaints fall into spoiler territory and involve the kill scenes. Seriously why does a high tech lab have a circular saw anyway?

And Finally

Finally, and yes, yes, big tech corporations gonna be the death of the world and whatever. Ok, I get it. For those that loved it, that’s great but for me; it was all a bit nonsensical.

2 stars out of 5 on Mother of Movies
2 stars out of 5 on Mother of Movies
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Mark Hamill gets to know the family cat. New reboots
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