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Horror Movie News: Rob Grant Is Back With Alive + Trailer + Images

Alive poster from Cranked Up Films and Good Deed Entertainment

One of my favorite directors and writers, Rob Grant is back. And this time he has a new horror movie for us called Alive. Good Deed’s Entertainment label for genre films, Cranked Up Films has acquired the newest addition of bloody goodness. Cross your fingers for a theatre release of September 18th, 2020 because that’s when it’s going to ready to watch. The script is the feature film debut for writers Chuck McCue and Jules Vincent. McCue and Vincent also served as Producers alongside Lars Lehmann (Knuckleball) and Michael Peterson (Bloodthirsty).

If you’ve never heard of Rob Grant, please make yourself acquainted with this talented man. Mother of Movies is a big fan with Harpoon coming out in 2019 to rave reviews plus Fake Blood being one of the best mockumentary’s we’ve seen in a while. Grant also played a hand in editing for the bloody Home Alone in the snow styled Knuckleball which was a hit at Fantasia Film Festival in 2018 directed by Mike Peterson.

Cast of Alive

Alive stars Thomas Cocquerel (“The 100”), Camille Stopps (“Reign”) Zoe Marlett (“Black Summer”), and Angus Macfadyen (“Strange Angel”.) The horror-thriller movie was screened at multiple film festivals in 2018. For more information see the website.

Story & Trailer

The story for Alive begins with an injured and unnamed man and woman (played by Thomas Cocquerel & Camille Stopps.) Both awaken in a hospital and have no idea where or how they got there. The hospital is abandoned but they discover a caretaker (Angus Mcfayden) is still on task and rewards their questions and attempts to escape with punishment.

Alive film clip. Horror directed by Rob Grant

Mother of Movies is excited at this awesome news and the trailer looks nothing short of the systematic brutality, Rob Grant is known for. Grant has a unique way of getting the storyline across in tension that builds over the course of his films, and I’m sure this directorial endeavor will be just as great.

“There is nothing like a film with twists and turns you don’t see coming. Chuck McCue and Jules Vincent gave us a chilling story masterfully directed by Rob Grant.”

Good Deed Entertainment/Cranked Up CEO and Founder, Scott Donley

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