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Lemonheads 2020 Movie Review, A Tale Of Addiction

Lemonheads movie 2020 Mother of Movies review

Whenever I see more than two directors attributed to a film title, I go in with low expectations. It makes me, as a viewer nervous. Who made the final decision for the movie? Did they draw straws, share the director’s chair? Did they each get a chair? Lemonheads has three directors’ names attributed to it. Ryder Doupé, Dawson Doupé, and Todd Tapper and together also wrote the story for this drug-laden tribute to what addicts will do to ensure they don’t have to get up for their next fix. George Johnson and Samuel Wyatt (Leo and Louis respectively take up most of the screentime. Cousins together in their addiction as well as being family.


The narrative moves along slowly and cautiously as Leo finds himself left wanting. As one dealer after the next fails to provide what Leo is looking for he comes across villains Oscar (Antonio Leon) and Neil (Darren Keefe Reiher) who promise the pair product proportions of their wildest dreams. All they need to do is take out the biggest competitor, Skinner.

George Johnson and Samuel Wyatt play Leo and Louis in Lemonheads
George Johnson and Samuel Wyatt play Leo and Louis in Lemonheads

The narrative takes place at Christmas and finishes up rather bloodily on Christmas morning. Each character just as seedy if not worse than the next, Lemonheads pumps through the bottom dwellers of the drug world. Performances are convincing overall with Wyatt’s Louis remaining a favorite for me personally. His understated naivety and restraint an asset to his role.

Christmas Eve Junkies

The concepts behind the story are what kept me hanging in there. It’s dark and dingy and full of helpless and vulnerable people. But Leo and Louis are caught up in the fantasy of being rewarded with enough drugs so they can simply do drugs. A lot. The prospect of being able to get their fix and not have to look to buy is what ultimately drives them to take on committing murder. It really gives you a sense of how a drug addict’s mind works and why the cycle is so strong.

By the time the film arrives at the forbidden castle where Skinner sits atop his fortress of drug-addled women it’s easy to see that no good will come. Leo and Louis aren’t criminal masterminds. They just want to get this one murder-ific errand out of the way so they can go and shoot up. There’s really no plan and no serious thought put into what they are about to do. Despite a well-trodden drug abuse cycle setting, Lemonheads is overall a solid independent film. Even with three directors and writers. In this instance, it all pulls together nicely. Unsure this sort of depressive cinematography and storyline is the best use of a Christmas holiday movie backdrop, but there are certainly worse ways to spend your time.

I give Lemonheads

3 Directors and writers on the one movie is an indie staple out of 5

3 stars out of 5
3 Skulls out of 5

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