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Jolt Movie Makes Beckinsale The “Hold My Beer” Girl

Jolt movie is an action chick flick starring the effervescent Kate Beckinsale as a girl called Lindy. Early reviews from those that have watched this bonkers revenge story have not been kind. Mother of Movies is not one of the people who disliked “Jolt.” If you’ve never heard of this wry action movie directed by Tanya Wexler, the story for the Jolt film follows Lindy. Lindy grew up with an inability to keep her cool. We are shown a rather off-the-wall backstory of her growing up and displaying almost superhero strength powered by rage. Anything that slightly annoys or upsets her sends her into a flurry of fists. She is officially diagnosed with an “impulse control problem.” In addition, Jolt is not the type of movie you should sit down and dissect the semantics of.

This is the kind of mindless entertainment that has long been left to the boys. A recent spate of lady-led action-centric violent films are popping up (like Gunpowder Milkshake & Promising Young Woman) and I like it a lot. Despite being given the mind and body of Lindy, Jolt allows the fantasy of ‘what if.’ What if I just clocked anyone that p*ssed me off? Unhappy with your rude waitress? Bash her in the toilet while no one’s watching. Disappointed with the way that rich guy spoke to the valet? Reach in through the car window and smash his head in. Jolt is a fun reprieve from all that society expects from us.

Kate Beckinsale stars as Lindy in Jolt
Kate Beckinsale stars as Lindy in Jolt

Hold My Beer, Thems Fightin’ Words, Jolt Movie

In Jolt 2021, Lindy is a petite well-spoken blonde. Bounced from institution to institution beating people who annoy her into unconscious blobs. We are shown an early incident at a birthday party when Lindy is just a little girl. She wears a pretty dress and is given a large slice of birthday cake. A boy, the same age promptly sits beside her and takes the delicious cake from her. He begins eating it with a good dose of ner-ne-ner-ner, smiling at her as he eats it. The camera fixes in on her pupils that dilate before she leaps towards the little boy and begins wailing on him as her foster parents try in vain to prise her off him.

Of course, after years and years of being kept in isolation and used as a guinea pig, a treatment is found. Somehow a metal vest made entirely of electrodes looks good on Beckinsale. I mean, why wouldn’t it, the woman is stunning. Able to shock her violent impulses into submission extends her some freedoms she never had before. She has a therapist in Dr. Munchin (Stanley Tucci) who talks to her about being more social now that she has her propensity to bash people under control.

What we learn about Lindy now is that underneath all that rage is the desire to be loved and liked just like everyone else. Discovering that ‘not all guys are bad’ might be the key to normality, Lindy falls fast and quick for the first guy that isn’t afraid or rude to her. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that when her new beau Justin turns up dead in an alley, Lindy wants to know why. More importantly, she wants to find the person responsible and kill him more than anyone has ever been killed before.

Jolt Review

Jolt is written by Scott Wascha and the narrative is suitably witty and inciteful. There are plenty of one-liners to smirk your way through too. More importantly, having Lindy dressed in black jeans and a skimpy white tank walk into dimly lit subdued pastel-infused rooms to face off against one foe or a group of them was sufficiently powerful.

Like a gender-flipped story with similar veins to “Nobody” or “John Wick” Lindy is mad. Jolt might feel wrong but I’d take this over some of the generic action-movie-dribble out there any day.

I give Jolt

3.5everyone wants to be normal, but no one wants to be ordinary” out of 5

3.5 Skulls out of 5
3.5 Skulls out of 5

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Jolt Movie Meaning to Be Shocked or Jolt of Electricity

  • Director Tanya Wexler
  • Writer Scott Wascha
  • Jolt film cast includes Kate Beckinsale, Jai Courtney and Stanley Tucci.
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Jolt 2021 movie review
Jolt 2021 movie review. See the trailer for Jolt and watch it on amazon prime video.
Jolt starring Kate Beckinsale the original hold my beer girl
Jolt starring Kate Beckinsale the original hold my beer girl

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