Is This Tumbbad Movie the Best Horror Film in India?

Tumbbad 2018

A period horror film set in India narrated in Hindi, this Tumbbad movie tells the story of the Goddess of Prosperity. Once upon a time, a goddess was a mother to 160 million gods. Her firstborn was called Hastar who was known for being the greediest god of them all. His mother loved him most of in spite of this. For more Indian horror movies in Hindi, check out the end of the review.

Quick Tumbbad Movie Information

  • Directed and written by Rahi Anil Barve, Anand Gandhi, and Adesh Prasad.
  • Starring: Sohum Shah, Jyoti Malshe, Anita Date, and Rudra Soni
  • Released September 2018 it’s available on Amazon Prime UK
Tumbbad 2018. Indian horror movies
The Mythology Totem

All of the other gods attacked Hastar one day and his mother saved him but on the condition that he could no longer be worshipped and in time he would be forgotten. He fell asleep in his mother’s womb for a very long time.

A shrine was built for him by some people in the village of Tumbbad which woke Hastar from his slumber. He stayed within his dwelling but the other gods were angry he was again being worshipped and made it rain all the time in the village.

The story is told through the narration of Vinayak to his son as he recounts the story of Hastar, its riches, and the dangers associated with keeping the god alive.

Indian Horror Movies, Tumbbad is in Hindi

Tumbbad 2018. Need some horror movies in Hindi, check out the full review on

Tumbbad Review

Are you someone who enjoys a good story? If seeing a great fable come to life is your thing, then you might really love this one. There is also some very special cinematography, wonderful characters, and some great aesthetics. Although classified as a horror movie, this multicultural delight is nowhere near the standard of horrific scenes contained in many western countries’ films.

I wouldn’t recommend it as being suitable for children, but it certainly feels like a lot of the South Korean style of horror. A lot of the violence is portrayed off-screen. Apart from a pretty gnarly scene showing a demon who’s had its mouth pinned shut while setting about trying to eat a young boy there are very few scenes that would upset light horror fans.

Prosthetic monsters and CGI play a large part in the workings of this movie. On a scale for this type of thing, I would have to say, it’s among the best I’ve seen. Many films that decide to have a big reveal for a demon or monster are often the biggest letdown. In Tumbbad, I can safely say that Hastar’s big reveal is worth the wait. I was highly dubious after reading a review at Horror World & Reviews this would be the case, however, I was definitely wrong.

The Making of Tumbbad

I read a fair bit about the making of this film. Interestingly, there are lots of aspects regarding the time it took (more than 5 years) and it’s original filming locations (places no one had been for 100’s of years) that are truly impressive. The finite detail of the cast’s clothing and, set pieces and everything else accompanying the story is also better than many films I’ve watched purporting to be set within a certain era or timeline.

Whether or not this is ‘scary’ for the average viewer is really up to what you find inherently frightening. For me, it didn’t really register on my scare-o-meter. Perhaps that’s mostly due to my high-level constitution for horror films. I very much adore a jaw-dropping, look away moment in a highly graphic film. I also love a movie that is 90% reliant on telling a story. Tumbbad won’t give me nightmares but it will leave me thinking about the beautiful lesson of greed and sacrifice this manages to impart while being highly entertaining.

Hindi Horror Movies?

Coupled with the realism offered to the characters, performances and, the mythological story; there’s something to be excited about with Tumbbad. Additionally, I loved the way the voice-over narration was done and I really liked the way the story is separated into an almost novel-type structure in chapters.

Also, the creators are in talks about a sequel to this film. Furthermore, they are said to be looking at keeping the core components of Hastar and throwing it into a completely different time setting. I love that idea, and I hope it doesn’t take them more than 5 years to make it happen.

I give Tumbbad

4 flour obsessed gods out of 5.

4 stars out of 5
4 stars out of 5

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Tumbbad 2018. Hindi horror
Sohum Shah as Vinayak Rao stars in Tumbbad movie.

More Indian Horror Movies in Hindi

Finally, foreign films are great! This is the only Hindi horror movies I’ve seen for 2018. But India might be about to bring more horror movies to the masses.

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