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Primal Rage Monster Movie Review The Legend of Oh-Mah

Big Foot, Yowies and Bunyips are the folklore of many countries around the world. Primal Rage The Legend of Oh-Ma tells it differently and provokes a new agenda for the tall and furry creature that wanders the wilderness. Director is Patrick Magee.

After a car accident, a couple of newlyweds discover they have more to contend with than redneck locals. There’s a Yowie and he smells a lady nearby.

I’ve got a spoiler section at the end which attributes all of this particular Yowies’ talents and abilities.

Primal Rage 2018 Film #PrimalRage2018
The Yowie is played by writer and director Patrick Magee.

Quick Film Info for Primal Rage

  • Director: Patrick Magee.
  • Writers: Patrick Magee and Jay Lee.
  • Starring: Casey GagliardiAndrew Joseph Montgomery, and Eloy Casados.
  • Release: February 2018.
Yowie close up. Primal Rage 2018 Film #PrimalRage2018
Max is played by Andrew Joseph Montgomery.

Who Is Patrick Magee?

I read a lot of interviews with people in the film industry. In many cases, successful directors have long lists of accomplished filmmaking behind them. They usually have very specific ideas when it comes to casting and characters. In many cases, success comes with lots of money and also lots of advice and help to make everything perfect. The films that I become quasi-obsessed with and want to know how they did what they did comes from this vein. Primal Rage is the perfect example.

I know Patrick Magee, who doesn’t. I mean he is a special effects wizard. When I went in search of interviews with Magee, I discovered the other reason that some directors make films a certain way. They want to do it their way. They want full autonomy. They’ve seen how it’s done from every angle so they want a turn in the big boy seat. Kudos for that. None of my talents would ever earn me a go at driving the ship. They also sometimes miss out on all that help and advice that big-budget films get. Patrick acknowledges he missed out on that.

I read that Patrick chose the cast without any specifics;

“The cast just fell into place. I knew the cast previously, for the most part.”

He teamed up with Jay Lee as a co-writer. His bio’s main picture has him stood with Jenna Jameson. The porn star. One of his films is Attack of the Vegan Zombies (2010.) Somehow this movie manages to have one of two women cast, Ashley, (Casey Gagliardi) have no pants for almost the entire film. In the wilderness.

Why can I hear crickets?

Yowie kill. Primal Rage 2018 Film #PrimalRage2018
Lefty (Jim Roof) and Ashley (Casey Gagliardi) hide from the Yowie.

Primal Rage The Legend of Oh-Ma Review

This film starts off great. The story-line is credible. The dialogue is vomit-inducing at best but they aren’t going camping in the wilderness which I liked. The town they stop at is full of red-necks. They’re in the car park and they’re in the shops. They’re everywhere and they’re nasty ones. I automatically decided that somewhere these guys would die. Is there any other reason to create a large group of unlikeable characters?

The gore in this film teeters on the maximum level and is purposely and fabulously executed. Gore-hounds will cheer during this film at the creativity used. When the shopkeeper Nickel Pete (Matt Herold) near the beginning says;

“Big ol’ hairy bastard with big ol’ hairy feet, gonna getcha!”

Quote from Primal Rage monster movie 2018

He really knew what he was talking about.

This film is like the mother-load of creäture feature bow-downs. Sure you’ve got your iconic yowie footprint left in the mud but you also get so much more. There are Jason Vorhees yowie and his big knife, Victor Crowley yowie with an ax, American Indian yowie with his bow and arrow, Predator yowie and my favorite King Kong yowie.

This yowie is no ordinary yowie and I don’t think he was meant to be the plain Jane type. He is the Yoda of the yowie. When he reaches down and sniffs Ashley’s scent after she pees in the woods, you know the story’s not going to smart-town.

A Decent B-Grade Movie

I want to hate this film for its rudimentary plot and its inability to weave the mythical side into it in a sensical way. But I can’t. The more that I break it apart and inspect pieces they crammed into this flick, the more points it gets.

Every single character in this is idiotic. Even the sheriff who never calls for backup and refuses to use guns to find the monster clipping people like a maniacal hairdresser. But you’ve got to give it a pass on the kill scenes alone.

I give Primal Rage

2.5 no pants nancy’s out of 5.

2.5 star rating
2.5 stars out of 5

More creature features Red Billabong / Itsy Bitsy Spider / Sea Fever / Bloodthirsty

Primal Rage Trailer

Primal Rage movie trailer

Available on Showtime through Amazon plus something to wear while watching the horror movie.

Spoiler Alert

Yowie Strengths, Weaknesses and Abilities in Primal Rage

What Can Oh-Mah Do Well?

  • Throw rocks.
  • Get rid of the evidence (push a car off the side of the road and remove a body.)
  • Good at camouflage.
  • Stealth despite the size, very sneaky.
  • Can cut hair without being seen, can use claws as scissors.
  • Can use, aim and fire a bow and arrow.
  • Ability to use an ax. Can sever head as well as chop firewood.
  • Can use a large sword-like knife.
  • Tough skin and fur, bullet-resistant.
  • Hand to hand combat with red-necks and sheriffs.

What Is Oh-Mah Bad At?

  • Not a fast runner.
  • Getting into small spaces.
  • Hand to hand combat with Max.

The king of the Yowie can die if you try hard enough. But his friends might be harder.

Primal rage with director Patrick Magee, pic of yowie
Smackdown. Director Patrick Magee in Primal Rage The Legend of Oh-Ma