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You Need to Know About Snowpiercer on Netflix & The Series

Review and news for Snowpiercer, the movie and the series

Snowpiercer the film is amazing and currently streaming on Netflix. But guess what? The Snowpiercer film is getting a series makeover and I have all the information you’ll need on both. Start with the review and then follow up with news on the series and the trailer. There’s also a spoiler section with questions you might have about the original film, like what exactly were they eating on that train?

Is Snowpiercer Still on Netflix?

Snowpiercer is still on Netflix. As of October 2019, Snowpiercer is still part of the catalog and I guarantee you will like it.

What is the Movie Snowpiercer About?

It’s 2031 and instead of green grass and city landscapes, the world is a frozen sea of white. Everyone else on the planet is assumed to be dead and only the people aboard a futuristic train remain alive. The train is separated into zones and the back represents the have-nots. Like any revolution, the dream of a better life than the one they are lumbered with, a small faction makes a break for the front of the train, believing this is where they will find their freedom.

With a maturity rating of MA15+, there is plenty for those that dislike references to drugs, profanity, tension and hard-hitting violence to complain about. For the rest of us, you’ll definitely get an eyeful and earful during its tight 90 minutes run time.

Who Wrote Snowpiercer?

The screenplay for the film was penned by Bong Joon Ho (who also directs) and Kelly Masterson which in turn was taken from a book series— The Snowpiercer (Le Transperceneige.) Jacques Lob and Jean-Marc Rochette are the authors for the three parts which include; The Escape, The Explorers and Terminus.

Snowpiercer cast on Mother of Movies
Ewen Bremner, Chris Evans, Octavia Spencer, Tilda Swinton, and Ko Asung are among some of the cast. Snowpiercer is on Netflix.

Review and Short Answers

The film is for lovers of science fiction dystopian stories. If we were to imagine a world on the brink of extinction and a bunch of politicians got together to counter Greta Thunberg. Maybe the only way they knew how to show her she was wrong was by blasting the sky with anti-global warming spray instead of proactive measures. Instead of being able to say “that’ll show her” the whole world turned to ice. The only survivors clambered onto a freeze-resistant train, which then went around on a continual loop. Nice one politicians and scientists… well done.

The film’s story is your basic revolution between the classes and one which has been brewing for around seventeen years (according to the mention of one character’s age.) Throw in a jaw-dropping cast that aligns somewhere between the best American cinema and the best Korean cinema and you have what you’d expect, a simply riveting and amazing film.

The characters are engaging, exciting and dramatic. The action sequences are nothing short of spectacular and if you’ve been wondering how such a story would play out on a train of all things, then picture this— opposing sides creeping from opposite directions and meeting in the middle with secrets, twists and turns you really couldn’t dream up if you tried.

I really can’t recommend this movie enough. It’s not already part of your film top ten, watch it and it soon will be.

For those with questions, I’ve made up a spoiler section at the end. Hit the triangle and unleash the secret section for all the answers to your burning questions.

I give Snowpiercer

5 don’t argue with me about this not being perfect out of 5

5 out of 5 skulls
5 out of 5

Will There Be a Snowpiercer 2? & What About the Snowpiercer Series?

There is no evidence to suggest a sequel to this well-loved film. There is, however, a television series that was due for release in 2019. This was delayed and has two whole seasons set to run.


See it from May 31st, 2020. See the trailer below.

The Series Details

The series will take place in the future, and according to the trailer for 6 years, nine months and 26 days after departure. There is talk of 3000 people being on board the train and from the looks of what’s included in the teaser, a similar storyline in place to that of the film. Interviews from the press, writers have been quoted with promises of deviations from a lot of the original movies’ details. I guess you could simply imagine more of what audiences loved about Snowpiercer and then add in a bunch of new stories, characters, and drama.

The series is being written and developed by Graeme Manson who did the awesome Orphan Black series as well as Cube 1997. Be the coolest person you know and check out this awesome Orphan Black coloring book I found. You’re welcome.

Snow piercer the TV Series will star Jennifer Connelly and Daveed Diggs
Snowpiercer the TV Series will star Jennifer Connelly and Daveed Diggs

Snowpiercer Series Trailer

Snowpiercer the movie is on Netflix, the television series will be on TBS

Spoiler Section for Answers to Questions About the Snowpiercer Movie

Spoiler Section Questions About the Movie Snowpiercer

What do They Eat in Snowpiercer?

  • The protein bars the passengers are fed are cockroaches.

How long is the Snowpiercer train?

  • In the film, the train is 60 cars long. Each car is 25 meters and the whole train is 1.5km’s.

Kronole, what is it?

  • A few times it’s mentioned in the Snowpiercer film as being industrial waste. By definition, it has to be a byproduct of something on the train that has been rendered as useless. In this case, it’s a solid chunk of stuff that produces a gas. The gas, when sniffed, is addictive and acts as a hallucinogen. It’s also flammable and we see it used as an explosive device later in the movie.

Is Snowpiercer a Korean Movie?

Movie lovers with opposition to subtitles can relax. Almost all of the film is in English with one or two characters that speak Korean, French, Czech, German and Japanese. These other languages are nearly all one-liners among soldiers and speckled passengers with the exception of Namgoong Minsoo who doesn’t speak English and is a central character.

Trailer 2 for Snowpiercer the series premiering on May 31st,, 2020