Dylan Minnette in The Open House review

The Open House Movie Netflix Original Review


The Open House Netflix movie begins after the death of Logan’s (Dylan Minnette) father. His mother Naomi (Piercy Dalton) takes up her sister’s offer to stay in the home she is selling. Odd things begin to happen. What’ going on? Is this one of those bad Netflix Original movies? Yes, it is. Strangely The Open House cast was pretty solid, so what happened to the film?

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Long Pigs Cannibal horror movies

Cannibal Movies — Long Pigs Review


If you like cannibal movies there is a long list to choose from. Long Pigs tells the story of Anthony McAlister and he’s agreed to make a documentary.

Cannibal horror movies like Long Pigs are for the lovers of cinematic obscurity. Movies that make you squirm and those that appreciate practical gore need look no further. This film has some scenes that will make you look away or shield your eyes if you aren’t used to that type of thing.

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Creep 2014 Creep 2017

Best Found Footage Movies, Creep & Its Sequel


The Duplass brothers, Mark and Jay began their careers making short films that gave them a name in the film making business. Creep was released in 2014, bringing to life Peach fuzz, a guy in a wolf head costume. I was so enamored with the film which I couldn’t wait for the Creep sequel which followed in 2017. Both films are independent productions utilizing POV techniques often hated by audiences. Absolutely consider both Creep 1 and 2 amongst the best found footage movies ever.

With Patrick Brice as director, both movies have now become firm favorites of mine. I’ve even sourced the lyrics to the Peach fuzz song, especially for you. Finally, the sequel to both films has been announced, yes Creep 3 is going forward. Indiewire reports.

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