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DTF, A Documentary About Love, Sex & Addiction

Love Sex and Addiction, DTF a documentary by Al Bailey

A filmmaker, Al Bailey decided it would be a nice idea to make a documentary about his friend. For the purposes of the film, as a long-haul pilot, his friend was renamed, Christian. He had become a widow and was lonely, so the idea was to follow him on his many travel adventures across the globe to find love. DTF is a common acronym and is often asked in one way or another to ascertain whether one is down to f*ck. Bailey wondered if it was at all possible to accomplish the task of finding someone new using dating apps like Tinder.


A probative question in today’s climate, looking someone up is much easier than going out to meet them. All over it’s an interesting idea and I was happy to watch the documentary to learn about the end result. As someone who has tinkered with dating apps, I found the crassness and anonymity quite the struggle. Perhaps a classy and respectful pilot could show all of us singletons how it’s done.

Christian and Al Bailey land to emabark on a mission to find love on Tinder
Christian and Al Bailey land to emabark on a mission to find love on Tinder

DTF is an Ugly Acronym & so is Christian

The movie takes a little getting used to once you start it. Not only is Christian’s identity kept a secret but his voice is also changed so subtitles are present. What takes even longer to get used to is Christian. Straight up, he not likable. I wondered early on whether his identity and voice were changed in hindsight. Because not only does the DTF documentary paint him with a rather ugly stick, he seems to be ugly right to the core. Not only is Christian the most bogan pilot I could have ever imagined but he certainly isn’t interested in finding love.

Tinder Conversation Starters

Bailey relishes in the idea of finding love on Tinder. The documentary starts with upbeat and enthusiastic banter. Bailey hits the streets and asks bystanders about whether there would be any interest in his friend. He’s an airline pilot and he’s looking for love. Seemingly this is the best pick up line and conversation starter one can have. Christian, on paper, is an ideal candidate for many women.

As a matter of fact, now that Christian has his feet on the ground, he is more than eager to be set to task. He and Bailey swap notes about his Tinder date. They trade critique on his clothes and Christian heads off to start a conversation of his own. Before long, he’s back and ready to hit the town. Unquestionably, Christian got what he was looking for and was now ready to gamble, watch strippers, and get drunk.

Bailey seems confused but puts it down to letting off steam. The documentary continues full steam ahead but all the same, the pattern becomes tedious for both Bailey and anyone watching. Christian laments that the life of a pilot is filled with people like himself. It’s full of booze, women, and no moral code or accountability. DTF becomes more and more the only language he uses. It’s all Christian cares about and he is aggressively demoralizing to women who fail to get on the same page as him. He turns to massage parlors, strippers, street hookers, dance clubs, and anywhere he seems familiar with that will get him his next fix.

Sex Addiction or Just an A*shole?

Bailey decides Christian has a sex addiction. He must be helped and the documentary changes tack to suit his new predicament. DTF, is now all there is. Bailey tries to implement safer and less harmful ways to fill the massive sexual fever his friend seems to be afflicted with.

DTF, the story about love, sex, and addiction is like the quintessential car crash you want to avoid but can’t look away from. Surprisingly, Christian’s behavior gets much more abhorrent and unseemly than anything I’ve mentioned here.

Mother of Movies hasn’t disliked a character this much since watching Dirty John. The story about a conman, John Meehan, who managed to suck others into his spiral of selfish and disillusioned behaviour. Both beggar the undeniable question of where your empathy lies. Does it go with those who choose to try and fix what’s broken? Or are some people just not worth trying to save?

Where Can I Watch DTF?

Finally, DTF is available to rent or own from September 15th, 2020. Amazon, Vudu, iTunes, Comcast, Spectrum, and other good platforms will be able to give you a dose of the infuriating Christian. Gravitas Ventures in partnership with Jump Seat Productions are responsible for that part.

“You don’t need a condom with these girls, look how beautiful they are.”

Christian – DTF has a way with words

I give DTF

3.5 It’s too late now, I can’t unsee Christian flying a plane full of passengers out of 5

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

DTF Tinder, Love Sex and Addiction documentary
DTF Tinder, Love Sex and Addiction documentary

Trailer for DTF, an Alternative Way to Find ‘Love’

Official trailer for DTF 2020, a documentary