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The Nun More Like Night Of The Living Nun

The Nun 2018 #thenun2018

Opening weekend for The Nun, a horror movie that released in 2018, I seized an opening to leave the house without the kids. With my friend in tow, the cinema was barely half full on a Saturday night. The fact it was full of ass-hats is beside the point. You know the type, that thinks they are hilarious being part of a group. The ones that can say ‘boo’ and get a scream from some halfwitted female sitting with them? More than once. Combine that with talking, giggling and some doofus reacting to every movement on the screen and you have the summary of my night at the movies. In saying that though, this is usually an indication of a sub-par film. 

The Conjuring Universe

I am a fan of The Conjuring Universe. The second Conjuring film was the first time we got to see the demon nun who was a pretty scary sight. In this film, it’s all about Valak and the reason I wanted to see the film. So feisty and angry is Valak in other films that you just have to wonder what’s up with her. I was sure I was going to find out. Right?

Quick Film Facts for The Nun

A priest with a haunted past joins a novice nun. Together they are sent by the Vatican to investigate a death in Romania. They confront a malevolent force in the form of a demonic nun.

Director: Colin Hardy. Colin’s feature-length debut directorial film was a TV movie called The Hallow (2015.)

Writers: Gary Dauberman (screenplay & story) with James Wan (story.)

Release: The Nun released on 4th September 2018 at the Lisbon International Horror Film Festival and everywhere else between 5th and 21st September 2018.

The USA You are able to buy “The Nun” on Microsoft Store as a download. 

Starring: Demian Bichir (The Hateful Eight 2015), Taissa Farmiga (Final Girls 2015), Jonas Bloquet (Orphan 2016), and Bonnie Aarons (The Conjuring 2 2016).

Conjuring universe movies, made in 2018
Horror movies released in 2018, The Nun was pretty bad.

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How Was The Nun?

I am a cheap date when it comes to films with jump scares. Often heckled by those that think less is more, I am more often than not on the jump scare’s side. But not this time.

The Nun is impressive as far as the set up is concerned. There are beautiful landscapes that tower over the heroes. Buildings and sets are amazing to look at. Large steel gates shut each day at sun-down marking the nuns that inhabit the abbey’s silent time. Some of the detail in the film was quite impressive. There are crucifixes everywhere and everything looks as it should.

The initial storyline begins well with some comic relief through Frenchie. He begins by hitting on the young quasi-nun sister Irene when she accompanies Father Burke to retrieve the body of a nun that recently died. Frenchie’s story is flimsy though. He’s is not a pillar cemented within the community, but rather a traveler. Frenchie’s passing through and happens to be caretaking both the Abbey and his lodgings while also a well-known face in the local bar. Most of the opening quarter is interesting and creepy albeit somewhat too easy going.

Final Thoughts

Even though the overall story tied in well to the original first film, the characters didn’t quite sit together well. Father Burke’s backstory was the glue holding everything together. Sister Irene is sort of a poor man’s Lorraine (if you’re familiar with The Conjuring’s paranormal investigators.) She plays her part well enough but she’s obviously a medium of some sort and it’s only ever glossed over. What I did realize is that the only time it’s ok to chase after small children or creepy figures at night is if you’re a priest. Priests can be excused for completely ignoring their fearful predicament and going towards the danger to save the world.

The Nun features some good practical effects and dynamic close up shots that didn’t seem to be CGI enhanced. The deliberate cinematography in the final quarter used to churn up the scenes was slightly jarring combined with some very trope-y hands coming out of the walls and whatnot. There are also way too many weak jump scares.

Overall though this film was slightly confused about what it wanted to be and came across more like a zombie and monster film than a possession, specter and demon movie. In my opinion that is where it lost its footing.

Worth seeing but just not worth raving about.

I give The Nun

2.5 that’s not a nun, this is a nun out of 5.

2.5 skulls out of 5
2.5 skulls out of 5
horror movies made in 2018
Bad horror movies, The Nun is from 2018
The Nun 2018 #thenun2018
Horror movies from 2018 The Nun is a bad horror movie.

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