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Love and Monsters have arrived on Netflix (Australia/UK + more.) The film is super fun, full of well-designed and interesting monsters. It sets itself in the middle of an apocalypse that turned a bunch of insects and reptiles into mutants. In fact, a lot of the film’s monsters reminded me of something akin to the giant worms in Tremors. Cast for this adventure, and action film Love and Monsters is populated by faces such as Teen Wolf’s Dylan O’Brien as main man Joel, The Walking Dead’s Michael Rooker, and Aussie Home and Away star Dan Ewing.

The storyline for Love and Monsters kicks off with the world in chaos amidst life underground for small groups called colonies. Everything is told through the eyes of Joel. His experiences of life in this world in the wake of a large explosion resulted in the decimation of most of the planet. Small flashbacks give you just enough of the important juicy details along the way and ease the audience into Joel’s complete motivation for staying alive. For 7-years he’s been underground but still carries a torch for his girlfriend who is now 80-miles away.

Feel Good & Enjoy the Sky Jellies

The atmosphere within the frame is light-hearted. Lots of the elements made me think of films like Zombieland or Mad Max. There is the romantic interest, the journey, and the Love and Monsters movie doubles back as a coming of age film. Joel realizes what drives him in his fear isn’t something that can hold him back. And this makes for an endearing and feel-good film. Joel even captures the heart of a small Australian kelpie called Boy, who adds to the mounting tension that something bad might happen.

Fortunately, the film never delves into sadness too much. For those that want to know the dogs’ fate, I have included a drop-down section with the answer. What I really liked about Love and Monsters was its ability to keep its momentum while essentially covering all the cliches you’d expect in a film of this type. And that’s not a bad thing either because it does so with finesse and great characters that all have likable qualities. The narrative feels fresh and familiar all at the same time.

Overall, Love and Monsters is a lovely popcorn movie that you won’t regret watching

I give Love and Monsters

4 I Am Legend for softies out of 5

4 stars out of 5
4 stars out of 5

Don’t settle. You don’t have to. Not even at the end of the world.

Quote from Netflix’s Love and Monsters – Joel Dawson

Love and Monsters Filmmakers & Cast

Does the Dog Die in Love and Monsters?

Nope. Not only does he not die, Boy, the kelpie saves Joels life and is still with him at the end of the film.

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